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Ronny P., Maya L. (reporting); Transltor: Judith Green

From far away, we can see that the checkpoint is full of people.  The line reaches the parking lot and the air is full of tension.  Only the birds sing.  The EAPPI people are not present;  perhaps they have stopped coming on Sundays.


At 5:00 AM, only one turnstile is operating, not clear why.  There is only one soldier in the aquarium, who is not paying attention to what is going on outside.  The shouting increases and a group of youths is doing a lot of pushing.  The adults in the group run away out of the line to avoid the violence.  They stand, waiting for the opening of the Humanitarian Gate.  One of the elderly men who escaped the pushing curses the Jews whom Hitler did not exterminate.  Everyone is bursting with anger.


Ronny calls the administration and asks them to open other turnstiles.  At 5;15, another 2 turnstiles are opened.  The tension decreases a bit.  The bagel salesman asks us to request them to turn on more lighting, as only 2 out of the 6 lamps are lit.  Some people think we have the power to act, which is a pleasant feeling.  Others  ask why the Jews behave like this toward them.


Next to the Humanitarian Gate there is a group of women forming; teachers, it seems, and a family on its way to the hospital for their daughter's eye treatment.  The Gate does not open.


Ronny tries to find out from the policemen if there is any intention to open the Gate.  If there isn't, she asks that they inform those waiting there so that they can join the regular lines.  The policeman who has arrived doesn't answer her.  He turns his back.  At around 6:15, the usual policewoman arrives and claims that they do not have the key for the Gate and that she doesn't know why it isn't open, or whether the soldier will come and open it.  We advise those waiting to go through the turnstiles and that's what they do.


The Humanitarian Gate does not open.  The woman soldier who arrives at about 7:00 claims that the Gate didn't open because there was no request for it.  Everything goes quickly.  Of course, we saw things differently, and your heart contracts in the face of such coarse spirit in the young woman who seems to have no sensitivity.  In any case, from the hour of 7:00 the line decreases quickly.  All the turnstiles are operating, all the "sleeves' are open and people rush through on their way to work.


There is only one open bathroom, the womens'.  But no women dare to go there.  I watch one man who goes into the womens' door.  The waiting space is filthy.  I think this is the first work day since the closureinfo-icon on the Palestinians was lifted.  It would have been wonderful to begin it in another way.