Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)



Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Judge: Major-Gen. Hanan Rubinstein


Police investigator: Omri Aweideh


Defence Attorney: Firas Sabbah


3 cases in the docket.


Ibrahim Munzer Ibrahim Awari, ID 852859388


To our surprise - and even more, to the judge's surprise - the detainee's mother was brought into her son's remand hearing.


Is she a resident of Jerusalem? The son is a West Bank resident [and residents of the Occupied Territories are banned from entering Israel].


Was the mother cautioned not to contact her son, not to speak, not to get up, not to pass things on? ... She was allowed to be excited, which she did.


The investigator requested another 11 days in detention for the interrogation's purposes.


The suspect was detained on 24 July 2013, and this is his third remand.


Suspicion: membership in Hamas, providing a service and transferring money to the organization.


From the defence counsel's questions and the investigator's replies, we learned that the detainee had given a detailed police statement [admission] and progress is being made in the investigation.


The reason for the remand extension request is a new investigation plan, following a development that occurred the previous Thursday.


Defence summing-up: Objects to such a long extension. The detainee gave a police statement and linked himself to some of the charges. From a conversation with the detainee, the defence attorney understands that the detainee has given all the information he possesses. The charges against the detainee are the same ones for which he was arrested. Do they not believe his statement? If so, he must be informed about the new allegations.


In addition, the suspect has medical issues - back problems - about which all relevant details were provided. He takes medication. The medication the police doctor gave him does not help him.


The judge's summing-up: There is a reasonable suspicion that ​​actions were committed against the security of the region. Initially the respondent gave false information and then retracted it.


To conclude the investigation, the judge granted another 11 days in detention, until 15 August 2013.


Anas Othman Ali al-Halabi , ID 401364518


The parties mutually agreed on a four-day remand extension.



Ahmed Samir Alaruri , ID 853003564


The investigator requested an additional 15 days to continue the investigation.


The suspicions are: providing services to Hamas and its organizational activities.


The detainee has given the police two statements. The investigation has not ended. The remand hearing was to have taken place on Thursday. The defence counsel wished to hear if there is a reason for the change in date.


Investigator's response: to use the days available and conclude the investigation.


Defence summing-up: Objects to the police request. The suspect is cooperating fully with his investigators. He has nothing to add to the allegations attributed to him. The suspect gave a police statement and provided explanations for all the allegations. He was questioned the last time on 31 July 2013. Why are so many days necessary? The defence requested to shorten the investigation significantly.


The judge's decision: the detainee is suspected of membership in a hostile organization. He extended his detention for a further 8 days.