Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Minors

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shmuel Fleischman

Investigator: Afif Mahmoud

Defense: Tareq Bargout, Munzer Abu-Ahmad


Three cases in the docket, one of a minor, so his trial is behind closed doors.


Alaa Issa Mahmoud Rabiya – ID 854635000

Defense: Tareq Bargout


This is his first remand extension. The charge is membership in Hamas.

The police requests 15 more days for the investigation.

The defense asks: How many interrogations does the SHABAK (GSS) need to carry out?

His Honor replies with a sardonic smile: “250!” Adding, “You always ask how many investigations. This is a meaningless question. Some interrogations take a long time, others a short time. The question is irrelevant.”

The defense insists. The investigator checks his files and replies, “Eight.”

Q: Has the suspect received medical treatment?

A: He is under observation by the prison clinic. He has an infection (not specified). He had a broken hand and is allergic to flowers.

The defense sums up: This is a first remand. The direction of the investigation is not clear at this stage. This may change in the next few days. However, the suspect has medical complaints, which require observation and judicial monitoring.


The judge’s summation: The suspect was arrested on 27.2.14 and since then, the authorities are conducting an investigation…There is a confidential file: there is evidence that links the accused to the violation. There are several testimonies, which warrant detention. Releasing him involves risk to public safety. The suspect has medical problems, so I do not accede to the police request in full and order one week remand extension. If this is not enough, more time will be allocated. Although he is monitored at the detention center, he needs to be taken to a doctor for a check-up.


Mussaeb Halabia – ID 851668464

Defense: Tareq Bargout


The suspect was arrested a month ago. This is his fourth remand extension.

The police requests 8 additional days.


Q: Is there progress in the investigation?

A: Yes, in the last few days, new allegations were adduced.

Q: What are the new allegations?

A: He took part in a parade (with weapon). When the new investigation is done, the case will be handed over to the prosecution.

Q: In previous hearings it was established that the suspect has a serious skin disease, which is much exacerbated by conditions in jail.

The judge answers for the investigator, reading the prison doctor’s report. The doctor determined that his condition allows the investigation to continue.


The defense’s summation: The suspect has been detained for about a month. The allegations (of throwing rocks and a fire bomb) proved wrong. He was cleared of one charge, and now another one has been found: participation in a parade in support of Fatah. He was carrying a weapon just for show.

The defense argues that there is no ground for further incarceration: the violation does not warrant active imprisonment. The defense asks the court to check with the military prosecution if, based on the detainee’s admission, detention is called for.


Judge’s summation: He was arrested a month ago; this is the fourth extension. He suffered burns ten years ago. According to documents submitted by the prison doctor he is fit for detention and interrogation. There has been some development in the last few days: new allegations. The police want to check them. They should be allowed to investigate the new charges. During the allotted time, the investigators should check with the prosecution regarding the suspect’s condition.

Remand extension for 2 more days to complete the investigation.