Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Minors

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Menahem Lieberman

Police investigator: Afif Mahmoud

Defense: Tareq Bargout, Firas Sabah, Aouda Zbeidi, Munzer Abu Ahmad


There are six cases in the docket: one detainee is barred from seeing an attorney, and another is a minor whose hearing will be conducted behind closed doors.


Abd Al-Rahman Nabil Abdallah Bader – ID 853818979

Defense: Tareq Bargout. As per agreement, the case will go to the prosecution this coming Sunday.


Anas Muhammad Ibrahim Kurt – ID 850832080

Defense: Firas Sabah


The police investigator requests an 8-day extension to complete the investigation.

Sabah’s summation: The detainee is suspected of membership in an unlawful organization and of military activity. In earlier hearings he rejected all the allegations. The defense claims that there has been no progress since the arrest. The investigators claim that there is incriminating material. Even if such material exists, after 20 days of investigation, the case should have been transferred to the prosecution.

Judge’s decision: The suspect was arrested on 17.2.14 and has been under interrogation by security forces ever since. For most of his detention he was barred from seeing an attorney. Still, until now the remand extensions have been limited. The question remains: should he be remanded. After deliberation I came to the conclusion that the investigators need more time to complete the investigation.”

Remand extension for 8 days.


Isser Hatem Rashid Maaruf – ID 853409811

Defense: Aouda Zbeidi


The investigator requests 15 more days. The charge: suspicion of military activity and membership in an unlawful organization.

The defense’s summation: Maaruf was arrested on 24.2.14 and an order forbidding him from seeing an attorney was issued right away. It was lifted on 6.3.14. After meeting with the suspect the attorney learned that even though the suspect denied the allegations, he was cooperating with the investigators.

She asks the court to reduce the remand days requested by the police.

Judge’s decision: There was considerable progress in the investigation, and the evidence against him is solid. The charges are serious. Remand extension: 11 days.


Jaffer Abdullah Issa Aroug – ID 949798326

Defense: Munzer Abu Ahmad


The detainee comes from Bethlehem. He is barred from meeting his attorney.

Charges: military activity, possession of weapons, endangering security in the region.

The defense asks questions: most of the answers refer to the confidential file.

Asked how many interrogations the detainee had undergone, the investigator gave the following information:

On 7.3 from 8 AM to 14:50 with a break

On 8.3 from 5 AM to 13:55 with a break

On 8.3 from 19:20 to 6 AM

On 9.3 from 7:10 to 8:30

On 9.3 from 9:20 to 14:10


The defense asks Justice Lieberman what he thinks about such long interrogations depriving the detainee of sleep.

The investigator: We don’t hide anything. It is all written down.

16 more interrogations are needed.

The defense asks ironically if 15 additional days will suffice.

Answer: No, if we need more time, we’ll ask for it, of course.

The defense’s summation: It is hard on a detainee to be under such harsh conditions at the Russian Compound. Depriving him of legal representation is an infringement on his legal rights. The defense requests a shorter remand.


We did not attend the rest of the hearing because the detainee is barred from meeting his attorney and Justice Lieberman has already voiced his objection to our presence during the part of the hearing when the suspect is brought to the judge without his attorney.