Ofer - Stone Throwing

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Norah Orlow (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Major Meir Vigiser


Justice Vigiser’s docket included mostly cases involving throwing rocks and incendiary objects, membership and activity in an unlawful organization and leaving the area without a permit.


Prosecutor: Captain Racheli Aviv

Defense: Atty. Nery Ramati



Mahmoud Wajia Muhammad Tamimi, ID 853461796 - Case 2583/14


The defendant is a resident of Nabi Salah. He is released on bail.

Charge: throwing rocks.


The young man was arrested during a weakly rally at Nabi Salah, together with other youngsters (Jihad Tamimi, Rami Ayoub). We reported on their dubious identification, that was based on 

photographs, in a report on 10.3.14.


Defense: The defendant arrived here, but since he did not have an ID card, he could not get in. [eventually he came in accompanied by his mother]. I appealed to the prosecution to annul the indictment. The case is based on photographs. Two earlier courts determined that the pictures did not resemble the accused. Reasonable doubt has already been established. The photos is all there is in this case. I will summon the accused to the next hearing.”

The defense also wanted to know why the prosecution objected to joining the three cases.


The judge’s decision: The prosecution is requested to check the defense’s claim and present its position regarding continuation of the proceedings before the next hearing, which will take place

on 26.5.14 at 9:30.