Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Afif Mahmoud

Defense: Tareq Bargout, Louai Uka


There are six cases in the docket, one of a minor which was heard behind closed doors.


Taysir Yasser Ibrahim Hatab – ID 859903189

There is an agreement that the case will be transferred to prosecution in a few days. The detainee says that he cannot bear it any longer. He suffers from anxieties. He is told that everything will be okay. Just a few more days…


Fares Muhammad Sa’id Asla’an  - ID 851210203

Defense: Tareq Bargout


There is an agreement that the case will be transferred to the prosecution in a few days.


Kamal Salah Shukri Ata – ID 853889616

Defense: Tareq Bargout


The police investigator requests 8 additional days to complete the investigation.

The charges: throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails, and other charges.


Defense’s summation: The suspect admits to all the charges (as construed from the investigator’s questions). The investigation seems to be complete. Bargout also infers from the investigator that there are other accomplices who are interrogated in connection with these violations. This, however, does not justify keeping Kamal in jail under present conditions. Bargout urges transferring the case to the prosecution.


Judge’s decision: The police request 8 more days. The suspect was arrested on 19.3.14. The defense objects to remand, arguing that the suspect has confessed and no further interrogation is needed. Having examined the case and the confidential material, I conclude that there are grounds for further detention. The investigation has to continue. I am convinced that further examination is needed in this case that warrant further detention.

The judge adds that the investigators should act promptly to conclude the investigation. If further remand is requested, the investigators will have to justify it.

Remand extension for 8 days.


Samail Abdullah Issa Alaruj – ID 920278652

Defense: Tareq Bargout


The suspect has been an administrative detainee. This status has been prolonged indefinitely. The charges are: risk to security in the region.


The police investigator requests an 8-day remand.


Before the discussion of the case begins, the sides argue about the “administrative detention”: what is the detainee’s current status? If the administrative detention is extended, how will the detention be calculated? There is no clear information regarding this issue.


Q: Is he accused of transferring money?

A: Among other things.

Q: Is he accused of membership in Hamas?

A: Yes, he admits to having ties to Hamas and transferring money. The rest of the charges are in the confidential file. The information is current.


Defense’s summation: The detainee is under administrative detention. A new order has been issued for the current investigation. The defense has no objection to an 8-day remand, but demands that the detainee be apprised of the charges.


Judge’s decision: There are serious allegations against the detainee. Remand extension for 8 days.