Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Shula Bar, Hagit Back (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Last night I received the following clip:



It shows what occurred again in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood last Saturday night.  Imad filmed it; his home is right on the road up to Tel Rumeida.


Today we came to see how they are.


I think part of the explanation for what occurred Saturday night is that the unit stationed there was replaced.  The paratroopers left and soldiers from the Dukhifat brigade of the Kfir regiment are now in Hebron.

The poor soldiers – instead of serving as the Israel Defence Forces they’re forced to separate children and youths fighting one another.  The harassment by the settlers is blatantly insufferable.


Pupils of the elementary school next to the Worshippers’ route junction left school today and no soldiers were there.  They arrived five minutes late.


Since the demolition of the Hazon David synagogue the guards at the entrance and exit of Kiryat Arba is are uniformed soldiers.


At the Cave of the Patriarchs checkpoint two young men are stopped and immediately released.  But the soldiers near the Avraham Avinu neighborhood stop them again.  We don’t tarry because we’re afraid that if we do they’ll be detained even longer, and in fact, when we return from Tel Rumeida, they’ve already been released.


In the Southern Hebron Hills we stop to show our support for the residents of Susya.  Representatives of all the organizations, headed by Arik Asherman, are planning the activities necessary to oppose the court decree to expel them.



We bought cheese in Umm Faqara.


Below the Yattir checkpoint the IDF conducted an exercise to practice evacuating casualties.