Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

A pair of elderly parents came to get a permit to accompany their daughter (24) a cancer patient, who starts chemotherapy treatments the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem. The daughter, a resident of Hebron, came to submit her application at the Hebron DCL; the mother, a resident of Bethlehem, came to submit her application at Bethlehem DCL. They sent the mother to Hebron. We turned to Hannah B, who conducted inquiries and was promised that when a permit will be approved for the daughter, the mother’s permit would be approved as well and she could get it in Etzion DCL. At 12.30 PM the permit was not yet granted.  We called Meir, who handles requests for health issues and he said he had given the permit in the morning and was surprised that they have not received it yet. He promised to call Hebron DCL. When we left at 12:50 they were still waiting. The daughter, who was waiting at the same time in Hebron, did not receive the permit. She reported that the soldiers do not handle the waiting people. We again turned to Meyer and he, who is always ready to help, said he would call again. Close to 14.00 the mother received the permit. The daughter, sick with cancer, sat waiting at DCL from 10PM till close to 1:30AM, when she finally received the permit.  
Why? For no reason whatsoever! This is what the soldiers wanted. 

A couple, who wanted to get a permit to enter Israel to attend a conference of the Baptist Church, could not even get into the DCL. The soldier at the first window chased them away. They had an official request on the church head letter, which had the words “approved” in handwritting and was signed. We rang the Center for Permits. A soldier replied politely and made ​​efforts to find the application. It occurred to her that it passed directly through DCL. They called the man of the church and he said that Muhannad confirmed and that it was his signature. The soldier connected us to On, Muhannad’s assistant, who said that Muhannad is not in DCL any longer but he will issue an order to give the permit as soon as the soldiers return from lunch. Did they get the permit? Of course not! 
Why? Because the soldiers can do whatever they want. What do they care if the people will have to come back and be harassed another day?