Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Afif Awida

Defense: Tareq Bargout, Lui Oka, Firas Sahah


There are 6 cases in the docket. Three of the detaineesinfo-icon are barred from seeing an attorney.


Justice Lieberman explains that cases of “barred” detainees are now conducted behind closed doors. This puts an end to our presence in cases of detainees that are barred from seeing an attorney.

Gaby Lasky, our attorney, had repeatedly invoked the High Court of Justice decision to allow us, as representatives of the public, to attend the hearings, but now we can no longer do so.


Muhammad Abed Almuati Falana – ID 859932352

Defense: Atty. Firas Sabah

Falana has been prevented from seeing his attorney since 30.4.14.The police requests a 4-day remand extension.


Ahmad Muhammad Kassem Atina – ID 859623761

Defense: Attys. Oka and Bargout.

The charges: participation in throwing rocks and firebombs and disturbing the peace.

Ahmad is 19 years old and comes from Beit Lid.

The police requests 15 additional days for the investigation.

Ahmad has not been interrogated yet. He was arrested in the night between Sunday and Monday.

Defense: Was the arrest based on intelligence or on incrimination?

Answer: Both.

Q: Are others involved?

A: Yes. The suspicion against him is up to date.

Q: He has not been interrogated yet.

A: Not yet.

Defense summation: The detainee has not been interrogated yet, so it is not clear if he is going to cooperate. Perhaps the long remand the police request is redundant. The defense moves to shorten it to 8 days.

Judge’s summation: The detainee was arrested at night and has not been interrogated yet. The judge complains to the investigator [my rendition of the judge’s words]: I expect the investigators to make quick progress so as not to keep the detainee in prison needlessly, in case the interrogation takes fewer days.

Remand extension: 11 days.


Diab Mustafa Diab Nasser – ID 953090389 (barred from seeing an attorney)

Defense: Atty. Firas Sabah


The police requests a 15-days extension. Diab was arrested on 28.4. This is his second remand extension. He is suspected of planning a military action as well as of aiding and transferring money to a hostile organization.

Defense summation: He has been prevented from seeing an attorney since his arrest. The police say that he is cooperating and has given a statement. Thus, there is no need for the extension.

We found out that the judge extended the remand by 11 days.


Ismail Abdullah Issa Alarug – ID 920278652

Defense: Atty. Firas Sabah

The police requests 8 additional days.

The suspect has given a statement to the police and implicated himself.

The defense objects to the remand extension (this is the 7th). The investigation has taken a long time. It is unacceptable to keep him under such harsh conditions. The defense asks to transfer the case to the Prosecution.

The judge is aware of the fact that this is the 7th remand extension and enjoins the investigators to bring it to conclusion. However, the suspicions in this case are serious and warrant keeping the detainee in custody.

Remand extension by 8 days.


Muazaz Abdullah Issa Alarug - ID 941286954 (prevented from seeing an attorney)

Defense: Atty. Oka

Charges: Providing services to Hamas and transferring money to this hostile organization. The police requests 12-day extension.

On 4.5.14 the suspect gave a statement to the police.

The defense objects to the 12-day extension.

The judge extends it by 11 days.