Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

10:15 when we arrived, we had trouble finding a parking space. The parking lot and the waiting room were filled to capacity. We found out that many of those waiting came to DCL on Sunday and on Wednesday but were not let in because DCL’s computers were not working. They had to come back, wait and hope that all of them would be let in before closing time at 12:00.  
Some people came who wanted to meet with the policeman. But, as usual, he was not there. Some GSS prevented approached us. We gave them Sylvia’s phone number and explained that she could not handle their case as long as they do not have a letter from an employer who wishes to employ them. A young man, who came to meet with the policeman, told us he was imprisoned for a week because someone informed on him. He was released yesterday. He lives in Bethlehem and studies at Hebron University and hoped to return to the university. But yesterday, when he was released, a GSS man told him that he is prohibited from going to Hebron and that he has to go to DCL and get a map which will mark the places he visits and stays, so that he would be his own GPS.  
We called and talked about him with the Humanitarian Hotline, and they promised to find out and call. 
A man came up to us who wanted to get permits to enter Israel for his wife and his sister who are in Jordan. His mother is ill and the two women are supposed to come over and help take care of her. It was explained to him that he will be able to arrange their entrance to Israel through the Palestinian Authority.

Before 12:00 the loudspeaker informed that reception was over.  Closing time was not postponed although many people were still waiting. About 15 waiting people were not let in and had to go home. They will have to come again next week.