Ofer - Release on Bail, Minors

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Morning and Afternoon


“Dear Residents, Fines can now be paid through the internet. With a view to improving services, we are happy to inform you that as of today you can pay military court fines through the internet. The address is….”


This new notice now hangs in the yard of the court. It is the essence of absurdity. As we know, in order to pay through the internet, you need a credit card or a bank account to make the money transference, conditions that are hardly relevant to the lives of this court’s clients. No comment is necessary.


Judge: Lieut.- Col. Shmuel Kedar

Prosecutor: Captain Barak Tamir

Defense: Atty. Ahlam Haddad


The accused: Jamil Mahmoud Alkam - ID 984231134

70-year old Jamil Alkam was arrested during the current wave of arrests. At the moment he is under administrative detention.

Now, suddenly, he is being charged that in Dec. 2012 he was seen taking part in a Hamas rally. The defense explains that the hearing 

regarding his administrative detention will take place this week, and depending on the outcomes, she will determine how to proceed on the present case.

Due to his advanced age and the hardship of the Ramadan fast, the defense asks to assign the case to an internal memorandum hearing without his presence.

The hearing was set for 22.7.14

After the hearing, Atty. Haddad, visibly upset, approached me and asked me “to make a ruckus" because this is a case of blatantly redundant badgering of a poor old man.

Well, this is the only “ruckus” I can make.


Judge: Major Shlomo Katz

Police prosecutor: Sgt. Major Amitai Amosi

Defense: Atty. Ismail Taweel


Defendants: Sufian Abd Al-Hamid Dandyes – ID 850481102

Rajeb Abd Al-Hamis Dandyes – ID 90830477

Both are from Hebron and have been detained for more than two weeks.

During the hearing a group of lawyers from Hebron came in. One sat next to me and told me that during a raid on his house, half a million shekels and half a kilo of gold were stolen.

The judge ordered the detaineesinfo-icon released against 10,000-shekel deposit each.

The bail evaluation will take place on Thursday 10.7.14.


In the courtyard I ran into a family from Azariya, familiar from earlier hearings. One son has been in jail for a year and the case is still pending. The father told me, “Now I have three sons in jail.”

The hearing held a surprise for me.


Judge: Lieut. – Col. Shlomo Katz

Prosecutor: Warrant Officer Vladimir Fishman

Defense: Atty. Munzer Abu Ahmad


Suspects: Jamil Abu Ziyad – ID 412880643

Ali Hasham Abu Ziyad – ID 84487410

Naif Ramzi Abu Romi – ID 851002006

They are two brothers and a cousin. They have been detained for more than two weeks. In a hearing on 26.6.14 they were released on bail.

On 29.6.14 a bond evaluation was conducted by Justice Shmuel Kedar.

The defense states that the family does not intend to pay the bail. These are grown men, who have been detained 4 times before. They know the procedure that requires them to report to court. This is a law-abiding family, but the attorney is willing to show the court photos of the damage to their house after each raid.

The judge is visibly ill at ease, and it is clear he wants them out of the court.

In his decision he voices his displeasure that people refuse to pay the bail out of protest. He adds that this is not an appeals hearing, so he cannot change Justice Kedar’s decision.

Evaluation of the bond is set for 10.7.14


I later attended an evidentiary hearing of two minors, 14 and 15, who denied the charges against them. Since they were minors, I am barred from reporting.