Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Danger to Regional Security, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Lutaf

Defense: Louai Oka, Firas Sabah, Dr.Castro Watad


Four cases in the docket: 3 of detaineesinfo-icon barred from seeing an attorney.


We observed only one hearing where the attorney was present while the detainee [barred] was not.


Shukri Mahmoud Muhammad Hawaja – ID 953120375

Defense: Attys. Sabah and Oka.

See report from 14.7.14


There is an agreement between the sides on an 8-day extension and the case is transferred to the prosecution.


Sami Yussef Ibrahim Hassan – ID 948167648  

Barred from seeing an attorney.

Defense: Sabah, Oka


The police request additional 15 days in custody.

The defense questions yield that there is progress in the investigation; the accused gave two statements to the police and implicates himself in some of the charges.

On 15.7 he gave a statement to the police, and since then, according to the investigator, he has been interrogated by the GSS and there is progress in the investigation. This can be found in the confidential file. When asked if there are other suspects in the case, the investigator refers the attorney to the confidential file.

Defense Summation: The detainee has been barred from seeing an attorney since his arrest. I ask the judge to check with the detainee if he has undergone an “interrogation of necessity” [See earlier report]

We do not know the judge’s decision as to how many more days the investigation will take.


Moussa Majdi Issa Hatib – ID 850839119

Barred from seeing an attorney.

The police investigator requests 15 days extension.

The charges are membership and activity in Hamas.

The defense asks if the charges are current, and the investigator replies: one to two years.

Defense: Is the court aware that the detainee was in prison in 2010-2011?

Answer: Yes, of course.

The detainee has not made a statement to the police.

Has he confessed? Partially, replies the investigator.

Are others involved in the case? Yes.

Was the detainee confronted with the others? Not at the police. As for the GSS, the material is in front of the judge.

The detainee was interrogated by the GSS regarding all the allegations. He also took a polygraph test and was found lying.


Defense Summation: the defense objects to the police’s request. To this day no statement has been taken and it is not clear what he is suspected of. There are no specified suspicion or time. All it says is “ in the last few years” without a date.

The defense moves to curtail the investigation.


Abed Alhafed Rabah Abed Alhafed Aassi – ID 910758404

Defense: Castro Watad


The police requests additional 15 days

Charge: Threat to security.


He failed a polygraph test. The defense wants to know if he was found lying on everything or on specific topics. The answer: It’s in the confidential file.

As for the nature of the investigation, the detainee has reported to the attorney that he had been interrogated continuously for 17 hours. The investigator consults the records and finds that the detainee was interrogated by the GSS from 11:50 to 19:55 and later from 20:15 to 00:15.

The defense objects to additional days, asking to release him under certain conditions, or to transfer the case to Intelligence. The detainee’s wife can post bail for him. He has a blue ID card.


On 14.7.14 Hassan Ali Hassan Qawasme was given an 8-day remand extension, which means that today he has become an administrative detainee. We did not see him, and he was not brought in for remand extension.