Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Judy A, Mira B (reporting), Mohammad (driver and translator)

Shima: The construction of the students’ village is very advanced. ( http://kedma-hityashvut.org/shima2)    Interesting to know how it is defined – a neighborhood of Shima?

We started the shift at the southern entrance to Hebron, the road to Havat-Gal and the industrial area of Kiryat Arba.  Next to Havat-Gal, only meters from the closest caravan, we met Shakar Tamimi – an older Palestinian, whose 9 children live in the area.  He took us to his vegetable garden – fenced of course; behind it there is another fenced area that extends to Havat-Gal.  A small road leading to Havat-Gal passes next to the vegetable garden and below Tamimi’s house. 


There is another road leaving to Havat-Gal, on the other side, but because of Kiryat Arba, the shorter road crosses Tamimi’s property.


Tamimi tells us that the fenced area next to his vegetable garden belongs to him and that the road was built on his property, naturally without his agreement. He cannot graze his flock of sheep in the fenced area next to his vegetable garden – the Havat-Gal settlers immediately appear, threaten him, and expel him.  The soldiers from the adjacent base – located immediately above Tamimi’s property – appear but don’t interfere, even though he showed them the deed to his land.  They advised him to call the police.  He has a camerainfo-icon from B’tselem.  He has a court case against the road that was built on his property – he is being helped by a lawyer from the organization “Rabbis for Human Rights”.  Havat-Gal was built 12 years ago. The first settler was Elihu (Baruch) Goldstein – the son of.  Tamimi speaks in the tone of a peaceful person but he is determined not to give up.


The House of Contention – there is an army position on the roof.  Below, there is a checkpoint for Palestinian residents.  It seems that the army helps, and perhaps also funds (who knows?), life in the House of Contention.  For example – who funds the water tanks on the roof of the building? The army and the apartment residents seem intertwined.

In front of Hadassah house –a lovely garden that seems to be relatively new.  Presumably, unlike the garden of the girls’ school (Palestinian), above, this garden will not be neglected (reminder: the garden on the way to the girls’ school was destroyed many times).

Tel-Rumeida: The steep descent from the top of the Tel to the Jewish neighborhood provides a picture of the hard life of the Palestinian residents of the Tel, who are not allowed to bring their cars into the neighborhood: a very young woman the young child with her try to control a cart filled with potatoes that threatens to roll down the steep hill.

Our return trip was by way of the Zif intersection and Yatta.

Pictures appear below: