Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), Susiya

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Nili Magid, Hagit Back (photos and reporting)

Meitar Crossing  - 10 a.m., there are still cars on the Israeli side waiting for people to arrive, permits that some of them were issued for Ramadan month are still valid and people are coming to try and look for work as well as just to visit.


Susya – we went to see the school. It too was under threat of demolition two years ago and apparently this time it isn’t. Thanks to a donation an infirmary building is now added there. In Susya itself many international activists are present, running a children’s day camp and waiting… The bulldozers are not visible and Nasser and his wife are busy informing people about the situation.


נילי משוחחת עם פעילת שלום

מבנה המרפאה בבית הספר


Hebron – facing all entrances to Hebron are army vehicles in quantities that we have not been used to seeing there lately, and there are also flash checkposts.

This is what they look like at Shuyukh Junction:


This is from Sheep Junction:

Grounds for this activity is a runover, an escape, a terrorist attack… - depending whom one asks – against policemen who were handing out traffic tickets at Sheep Junction yesterday at 7 a.m.

The soldiers do police work and come to examine all the security cameras of shops around, looking at all other checkpoints for the perpetrator’s vehicle that had no license plates.

In Hebron, at the Tel Rumeida uphill-road we meet two soldiers carrying a vegetable crate as they help an elderly Palestinian get home. We send the soldiers on their way and give the Palestinian and his vegetables a ride on our car, taking him home. The soldiers are very nice. All the photos are here. “Enlightened occupation”? No such thing. Good people are everywhere…