Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shmuel Fleischman

Investigator: Mahmoud Afif

Defense: Firas Sabah, Louai Oka


There was no interpreter in the court. Afif did very little translation. Most of the translation was done by Firas.


The hearing began earlier than usual. There were 5 cases in the docket.

We were not present in the first three, but Oka filled us in.


Zahran Ali Muhammad Dar Assi – ID 850272451

Ahmad Ibrahim Yussef Bader – ID 402274617

Muhammad Mahmoud Hussein Abu Tir – ID 001771658


There was agreement in the three cases for 4-day remand extension and transferring the cases to the prosecution.


Yehya Saleh Ahmad Dar Ata – ID 902822691

Defense: Atty. Oka


The Investigator requests 11 additional days.

Charge: arms trading

Defense Summation: the defense objects to the request. He claims that his client has been barred from seeing counsel since his arrest, and his interrogation was done under harsh conditions. He requests a considerable curtailment of the remand.

Justice Fleischman: The detainee has been in custody since 28.6.14, and was “barred” for a month. His detention was extended several times by several judges. The injunction was removed on 28.7 and Tawil (presumably his attorney who could not make it to Jerusalem) was notified.

From the confidential reports, the judge gathers that there is ground for suspicion that the detainee – per his own admission – bought a pistol and fired it in the air. The investigation should be allowed to continue…. Thus, I accede to some of the investigator’s request and extend the detention by 11 days.


Amran Ayad Amran Suleiman – ID 852274539

Defense: Firas Sabah


Quote from Hava Halevi’s report from 24.7.14:


“The investigator requested remand extension of 15 days. The judge was all set to dictate the routine formula, but Atty. Firas Sabah objected, insisting on talking to the suspect first. It turned out he had a good reason. The detainee was brought in and the attorney conducted a hushed conversation with him in the corner. Then, obviously uncomfortable, the attorney told the court that although he was embarrassed to say it, the detainee had told him that the investigator threatened that if he did not confess, he, the interrogator, to put it politely, would abuse him sexually. He must have threatened to rape him. The detainee further told his attorney that the investigator cursed him, and that was why he went on a hunger strike.

The attorney asked the court to order the investigator to stop this behavior, and this was recorded in the protocol. It was also written that Major Einhorn said: “As for alleged threats, the court reminds the defense that the suspect has a right to submit an official complaint in writing to…” Here there was a pause, because neither the judge nor the investigator was sure where the official complaint should be lodged….  In the end they settled on: To whoever deals with such complaints.

Decision: Having read the file, the judge tends to agree to a 15-day remand extension, but in the end it was reduced to 12 days.”



The Investigator requests a 15-day remand extension.

The defense poses some questions then sums up:

This is the second remand extension. The detainee was interrogated extensively. He was told that he was suspected of trading in combat materiel and risking security in the region. There are other suspects in the case.

Suleiman denies the allegations and has nothing to adduce.

Atty. Firas adds that since the arrest the investigation has not advanced, and he asks to terminate it. The accusations stem from incrimination by others involved in the case.

Judge’s Summation: The judge inquires about medical problems. The detainee underwent an operation two months earlier and complains of pains.

The doctor at the detention center treated him with Acamol [over the counter pain relief]. The judge accedes to the detainee’s requests and orders him seen by a doctor.

The suspect was arrested on 22.7. The confidential files show evidence of serious violations. There is progress in the investigation, and there is a detailed report of it. Thus, the judge orders 11-day remand extension.