Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Leah Shakdiel (photos), Michal Tzadik (reporting); Translation: Maya BH

Meitar CP:  No laborers around.

Route 60:  Dense with vehicles, many heavy ones.

The ballon over the army base monitoring the raod is afloat.

Hebron:  At this early hour all is quiet and sllepy.

The Hazon David synagogue is active again.  The awning is dilapidated, but tables and chairs have been laid out, and a chest full of prayer books.

The settlers continue their "Arm wrestling".

The barrier near the house of controversy is raised by remote control. Only after checking the authorized vehicles are they allowed through.  The Open House for soldiers is indeed open, and they go inside.

The town is quiet, except for the patrolling soldiers all over.  Soldiers and settlers greet each other near Beit Hadassah.  The shops near the Cave are still closed.

We left through the new exit near Qiryat Arba's Industrial Zone, directly to Route 60 across from Bani Nasim.  Nobody stopped us or sked anything, perhaps because the barrier had been opened for another car.

We returned on Route 317.

At Ziff Junction, near the grocery story, Border Police are checking parked cars.

Our friend N explains that since they carry yellow license plates, the check is to find out if they are stolen.  This road, too, is almost empty.

The new neighborhoods being constructed in Maon and Susya stand out.

Mitzpe Assael also sports new caravans, and a soldier is guearding them.