Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Nili M., Hagit B. (reporting); Translation: Chana S.


Ramadan atmosphere in Hebron and people seem more relaxed.
On the roads we travelled we did not see military vehicles, apart from a police vehicle that was fining Palestinian motorists without mercy. We saw this vehicle at Tsomet haKvasim, Tsomet Bet Hagai, opposite Har Manoah ...
the news today is that they have removed the stones blocking the entrance to Hebron from Bene Na'im.  We travelled through it..
the soldiers of the Dukhifat battalion that are now manning Hebron were not to be seen at the checkpoints Border Police have replaced them. A group of Ulpana female students from Kiryat Arba arrived at the base with their teacher, bringing cakes.  A number of times have we commented on this symbiosis with the army.
The road has changed in appearance enormously in the ten-plus years that i have monitored in the Hebron area.  Some things stay constant - for instance, the graffiti (photographed here) in Kikar Gross in Hebron.
David HaMelekh Street and not HaShuhada ..
At the checkpoint at the Pharmacy (Machsom Beth Merkahat), Palestinian cars are rarely allowed to pass 
At Beth HaMeriva, they have removed the checker and left the flag.  The soldiers remain on the roof of the building.
At the neighbouring mosque there is a funeral.  The participants cannot approach in their vehicles.  they park next to the grey gate.The deceased will be buried in the cemetery next to Beth HaMeriva.  She is the aunt of our acquaintance Bassam.
Palestinians are now growing their summer crops ...
We were offered cucumbers..
At two o'clock  as we were returning home the first of the workers were coming home.  On ramadan they work a shorter day..