'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti V., Nava A.

Oranit, Huwwara, Awwarta, Bet Furik


07:45 Oranit. Gate 1447/1448 is listed as "an agricultural Gate". We arrived just as the soldiers and the MP opened it. There was no laptop PC for registration. The MP told us that it was still in repair. The foreman held dozens of Palestinian ID cards and the workmen passed through in perfect order to be checked by the MPs. A transportation shuttle was organized to ease the passage of the men uphill in the soaring heat.

8:15: All the men had passed through and the gate was about to be shut.

Sha'ar Shomron: People passing through.

08:40 Za'atra/Tapu'ach. An MP jeep was blocking one lane. Soldiers were checking a Palestinian vehicle along the curb.

No military presence was noted at Huwwara.

At the entrance to Yitzhar/Burin, a military vehicle  blocked one of the lanes to Yitzhar.
08:50: At Awwarta, a yellow bar blocked the passage.

09:30 Beit Furik: No one is at the barrier.

09:40. There was no one at the CP's tower. The soldiers were guarding the settler's hitch-hiking corner.
09:45 On the way to Yitzhar the army vehicle blocking the lane was still there. The girl-soldier told us that since last night they were instructed to ban the passage eastward of Palestinian vehicles on the main road. We called the Matak and there someone said that this was due "to the problems we had at Bet-El yesterday." We were told that this was the commander's ("Mahat's") instructions. We attempted to reach the "Mahat"- to no avail. The civilian police claimed they knew nothing of the transportation disturbances in the area.

10:00 Za'atra/Tapu'ach: there were no soldiers at the CPs.