Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Hagit Shlonsky, Mili Mass

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Radi Hatib

Defense: Atty. Louai Okah


Detainee: Nidal Ibrahim Muhammad Saleh – ID 949958409

Saleh was arrested before dawn, at 3:45, suspected of endangering security in the region, as detailed in the confidential file. The investigation has not begun yet. He has just been placed in the detention facility.


The investigator requests a 15-day extension. The defense argues that this is too long for such charges. The investigator refers the defense to the secret file.

Att. Okah reports that the detainee has some health issues, and the investigator reports that the detainee has been examined at the detention center clinic, but if treatments or medications are needed, “they will be happy” to supply them, based on medical records.

The defense objects to the detention, suggesting alternative or curtailment. The conditions at the detention center are harsh, and his client’s health suffers. A balance should be struck between the public’s interest and the detainee’s.

The detainee gets up and describes his condition while the judge chimes in. Saleh reports that he had intestinal surgery four months ago; the judge adds: “after you’ve been shot.” He has prosthetic guts and is incontinent. His right leg limps.

The judge states that based on the confidential file, there is suspicion of risk to security in the region, and many testimonies link the detainee to the suspicions. There is in the file reference to his physical condition, but there is no limit on interrogations.

15-day remand is warranted to complete the investigation, as per the police’s request.


Nitza Aminov adds: An appeal in the case of Nidal Saleh has been filed yesterday (25.8.14) at the Ofer Appeals Court. It was submitted by Atty. Awda Zbeidi and was rejected.

When Nidal was 15 he was shot by the army and since then has undergone more than 12 operations.

The appeal was rejected and the hearing was set for Monday (1.9.14 ) at the Russian Compound.


Oudai Ahmad Ata – ID 854269644.

He is barred from seeing an attorney.

Charges: possessing and trading in combat materiel. The rest is in the confidential file.

This is his third remand extension. The investigator requests 15 days. Atty. Okah asks the investigator if the investigation is complete. The answer is No.

Q: When was the last interrogation?

A: 20.8, yesterday.

The attorney asks about his client’s health. The investigator examines the file, hesitates then states: No health problems.

The attorney asks to look at the material and is refused. He objects to the third remand, particularly in view of the fact that his client is “barred”. He asks to find a balance between the public interest and the private interest of his client.

The detainee is ushered in and we have to leave.

The judge’s decision: 8 day remand extension.


Mustafa Hassan Mahmoud Badran – ID 859201253

Before the detainee is let in, the judge tells the investigator that according to the report the detainee is suspected of endangering security in the region lately.

The investigator requests 18-day remand. The judge wants it reduced to 12.

The investigator goes out (presumably to consult his superiors). When he comes back he agrees to 12 days.

The detainee is brought in, in civilian clothes and no blindfold. He looks very young, though he is 20. Atty.

Oka talks with him for 2 minutes.

Decision: 12 day remand extension.


Muhammad Hassan Abdullah Rabbiya – ID 946451762

Defense: Aty. Muhammad Halihali

The attorney says that he visited the detainee the day before yesterday (until then he must have been barred from seeing an attorney. H.S.). In view of what he heard from his client, he wants to know when was the last interrogation.

The answer: 5.8.

Q: When was the last PERSONAL interrogation?

A: 14.8.

(In our report of that day we mention a detainee whose face was bruised (his name in the docket was incomplete and there was no ID number. He was brought in after we and the attorney had to leave the court).

Atty. Halihali asks the court to allow his client to tell his story. Here is the gist of it, as translated by the court interpreter:

“I was arrested in my car on my way home. It was on 25.7.14. The soldiers suspected me and took me to a room where they beat me on the back and on the face with their weapons. I bled profusely. [Presumably, he was brought to Binyamin Station, and only later – as implied by what the judge says – was he brought to the Russian Compound. It is not clear from his story where those interrogations took place.] When I was taken to the Russian Compound, I stood outside in my underwear… the doctor refused to see me. They took me to Hadassah hospital… then to interrogations for 15 days. On Wednesday, 30.7.14 at midnight I was beaten on the face and knees, my hands were tied behind the chair. It was very tough. Captain Shimon and Captain Azri threatened to rape me if I didn’t talk. Captain Shimon told me to give him a blow job… there was a female interrogator, Captain Nora, who slapped me and threatened that if I didn’t change my statement they’d lock my wife with prisoners who’d rape her… I am a religious person. I was scared and intimidated during the interrogation…”

Judge to Defense: You have to lodge a complaint. The attorney requests that the results of the medical exams done at the Russian Compound and at Hadassah hospital be transferred to the detainee’s file.

Judge to Investigator: I demand to know what happened in this case from last Thursday, when he got here. The judge requests detailed report of the investigation.

Investigator Radi Hatib goes out to find his superior but can’t find him. He promises to find him and hand over the required material to the judge.

In the meantime, the judge orders a remand extension for 8 days, until next Thursday.