Bethlehem (300)

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Clair Oren(reporting), Translation: Naomi Gal



08:50 to 11:00

Four windows were open at the beginning of the shift, later reduced to two and then they again opened a third one when the pressure returned.

Many are passing but Palestinians without permits arrive as well, believing naively that according to the new regulation their advanced age would let them pass, but they are disappointed and without protesting they go back the way they came.  Some turn to us believing innocently that we could help, maybe there's something optimistic here? Many welcome the presence of  MachsomWatch, others ignore, no one has reacted with cynicism today.

A 61-year-old man who has to get to the hospital because of a heart problem - was rejected. When I asked why he was given a one-word answer: "prevented" the checkpoint commander (the high ranking policeman, the "good" one) checks and explains to me that right now there is a GSS prevention and that there is nothing he can do although he wants to help.

Suddenly people stop arriving and the checkpoint is deserted for about 20 minutes. Apparently a family from Gaza arrived with suitcases to the Palestinian side and they are checking the entire contents because someone thought there is a spike in one of the bags. Because of this checking no one passes. They closed the whole passage for this inspection that according to the checkpoint’s commander lasted too long.

In window no. 2 the soldier repeatedly sends people away with: “Go home!” because they have no permit or are prevented. She is decisive, determined, and must be convinced she is performing her job in the best way. She does not see in front of her people. Human beings. But what did I expect?!