Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Abraham (Avri) Einhorn

Police Investigator: Radi Hatib

Defense: Atty. Louai Okah


Arfa Abed Alrahman Rashid Abu Srur – ID 851433615

He is from Hebron and is barred from seeing an attorney.

The Police requests 12-day remand extension.

The detainee was arrested on 14.8. This is his second remand extension. The first one was done in his absence while he was hospitalized at Hadassah Hospital, since during his arrest the soldiers shot at his leg. We saw him limping on crutches, his knee in cast,  when he was first brought in for his remand hearing. His face reflected his pain.

The prohibition to see an attorney will expire at midnight. The investigator told the attorney that the latter would be informed if the “prohibition” were to be extended.
The charge is activity endangering security in the region.

In response to the attorney’s request, the investigator specified the charge: handling explosives.

As for the detainee’s physical condition, the investigator said that the detention center has full authority to treat him medically. He is treated at the prison clinic. Due to privacy concerns, he could not elaborate on the detainee’s condition.

The defense objects to the 12-day extension and asks to review the file and the medical report with a view to reducing the detention.

At this point we were asked to leave the court. We presented Justice Einhorn the preliminary injunction of High Court of Justice recommending, that, as representatives of the public, we should be allowed to attend the second part of the hearing, when the defense asks questions, and also the part when the detainee is brought in without the attorney. The judge did not look at the document and said, ”You’ve presented this many times before. It’s your right to nag me, but your are misinterpreting HCJ’s intent.”


Rami Sati Yassin Sa’adi – ID 853413797

There is an agreement to extend the investigation by 4 days, whereupon the case will go to the prosecution.

Charge: trading in combat materiel.


Musaeb Muhammad Jarad Toabta – ID – 853493575

The police requests 15-day extension.

Charge: Endangering security in the region – preparing explosives.

From the defense’s questions we gather that the suspect has no prior record. He is married and holds a job. Until now he has been interrogated only by the GSS.

The defense asks the court to balance the interests of the public and the suspect and to shorten the investigation.

Judge’s summation: The charges are serious. He was arrested only yesterday, and the investigation has just began; the police needs time to investigate according to plan.

The court does not interfere with the considerations of the investigators.

Yet, the judge adds, the requested period seems to go beyond what is needed for the investigation. Thus he decides on 11 days. “Of course, if there is good reason to extend the investigation, the police can apply to court to obtain it.”