'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti W. and Nava A.





It is the beginning of September but we have not seen any squills on the way. The fig trees are dripping honey.


07.50 Oranit: Gate 1448/1447 is defined as an agricultural gate. We arrived just as the soldiers began to enable the

Palestinians to cross. Several vehicles of the  contractors are already waiting  opposite the gate  for the workers crowding

on the other side of the gate. This time  neither the soldiers  nor the military police are aggressive. They ask us politely

not to stand close to the gate but close to one of the waiting vehicles, but nevertheless they allow us, from time to time, to come

closer. (we will send pictures).

One of the workers complains that  conditions on Sunday were hard. Many workers were waiting. The female sergeant

prevented some of them from crossing and even threw away some of the equipment and food that they tried to take across.

Today was "Sababa" according to the workers.

8.10 We waited until the last tractor crossed and the gate closed.


Shomron gate: the traffic goes smoothly.

08.40 Za ‘atra/Tapuach: a number of military policemen are inside the defined area, they do not interfere with the traffic.

Yizhar/Burin:There are no military activities  but signs of a recent fire.

09.10: Beit Furik: the checkpoint is not manned.

In the children`s village studies have resumed. On the main road the picture of Sadam Hussein was renewed. A large

painting of Jerusalem is hanging on the traffic fork above the red star of Hawatma, with an inscription that we could

not read.

Awarta: as usual the yellow arm blocks every passage (crossing).

09.20 Hawara checkpoint: A soldier is glancing over the checkpoint tower and a soldier stands on the tower opposite the

Hitch-hiking stop.

09.35 Za ‘atra/Tapuach: a plastic checkpoint prevents crossing on one of the tracks but there are no soldiers in the posts.

Sha`ar Shomron: traffic is  proceeding smoothly.