Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shmuel Fleischman

Defense: Louai Oka

Detention Arguer: Afif Aweeda


At 9:50 AM the typist and the interpreter went through the turnstile and entered the main building of the Russian Compound. Both told us that hearings would start at 10. This, however, did not happen. The judge was 40 minutes late, which is progress, compared to my last visit, when he was an hour late. When he finally arrived, we had to wait for the interpreter and the typist who had in the meantime gone out for some fresh air. The hearing began at 11.

There were only two cases in the docket.


New Terminology: Until now, the person who requested remand extension – and did not want us to know his last name – was referred to as ‘prosecutor’, or ‘presenter of cases’. Today we learned that in court legalese that person is called “Detention Arguer” and from now on we will use this term.


Ibrahim Ahmad Ismail Nimer – ID 852067529

Barred from seeing counsel.

In reply to the defense, the Detention Arguer said that the detainee is suspected of military training, arms treading, arms possession, and the rest of the charges are contained in the confidential file. The investigation is dragging and the reasons for it are also in the confidential file. The day before, the suspect was interrogated for four and a half hours. As for his health, he is getting anti-diarrhea pills.

The Detention Arguer requests 15-day remand, during which 7 “interrogation actions” would be carried out (a term we would like to learn more about, but which is probably elaborated upon in the confidential file).

The defense requested a shorter remand, but the judge sided with the investigator and approved 15 days.


Muhammad Hisham Muhammad Diriya – ID 859843971

The judge said he had examined the suspect’s statement in which the latter describes his participation in Hamas rallies as well as other organizations, and also mentioned other participants. There is ground for suspicion and risk to public safety. (Perhaps it is time to examine this hypocritical, self-righteous phrase: which public is referred to here?)

Diriya’s detention was extended until next Sunday. By then the judge expects the military prosecution to file for detention until the conclusion of the investigation, and not present a Prosecutor’s statement.