Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Hagit Shlonsky (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Captain Haim Nismonesky

Detention Arguer (Police investigator) Afif Aweeda

The judge (ret.) is new at the Russian Compound. He told us that until now he had been at Salem, in charge of remand extensions. He arrived at 11:20. We waited for his arrival for an hour and twenty minutes, among rows of garbage bins, in front of the locked gate. Mili had to leave because of the delay.

Ten files were brought before the judge, and he dealt with them as if on a conveyer belt.


Eight detaineesinfo-icon were brought to the Russian Compound from Binyamin Precinct. This reflects increased activity in the Central West Bank during the last few weeks.

Two detainees were brought from Hebron.


Nidal Ibrahim Muhammad Saleh – ID 949958409

This is his third remand extension.

Atty. Awda Zbeidi who represented him in a previous hearing represents him now too. In the first remand extension he was represented by Atty. Louai Oka.

(See report where we reported on his harsh physical condition and on the judge’s decision to allow the interrogation to continue)

Today there was an agreement between the defense and the investigator about an additional 6-day interrogation at the Russian Compound and then transferring the file to the prosecution and transferring Nidal to Ofer, where conditions are better.


Hassan Hamdan Hassan Aata – ID 854440492

Atty. Zbeidi represents him as well.

Aata, like other detainees, is suspected of activity endagering security in the area. The investigator requests a 15-day extension.

From the answers the investigator gives to the defense questions, it turns out that in a police interrogation earlier that morning (not yet translated into Hebrew) the defendant “tied himself to an incident of throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails”. But in addition to the ones he admitted, there are others charges in the confidential file, collected before his arrest. The judge allows the investigator not to answer those charges in the confidential file.

In summation, the judge states that the planned interrogations detailed in the GSS memo warrant a remand extension. But for the sake of ‘judicial supervision’ he grants 12 days, until 22.9.


Othman Nasser Abd Al-Fatah Dar Assi – ID 401106000

He was arrested on 26.8, suspected of throwing rocks, which he admitted.

The judge, the investigator and Atty. Louai Oka agree to a 6-day extension until 16.9.14.

Othman’s complaint to the prison doctor got the response: Let him clean his ears. The judge asks that the prison authorities heed the detainee’s complaint of headache and earache.


Othman Fakhri Othman Dar Abeed – ID 854439650

This hearing, too, merited only a few minutes. There was general agreement even before they took off his handcuffs.


Shadi Asshak Yunes Darajme – ID 851611483

Shadi is paralyzed from the waist down and is in a wheelchair. He was handcuffed.

(See earlier report from 28.8.14.

He was arrested on 7.8.14 and initially was barred from seeing counsel.

Atty. Louai Oka confers with him for a few minutes, then talks to the investigator. His client has been to the prison clinic but nothing was done for him there. There was no treatment and his condition is dire. There is no reason to keep him in detention. He should be sent home, and if necessary, summoned for investigation in his hometown.

Judge: Shadi has been interrogated by police and GSS several times and admitted to possessing weapons. The confidential file contains additional suspicions from different sources… To strike a balance between security requirements and the suspect’s condition, the detention is hereby extended, but provided it is the last time – unless new evidence surfaces.

8 days, until 8.9.14


Oudai Ahmad Ata Louzy – 854269644

Arrested on 6.8.14 and barred from seeing an attorney for a month.

We attended a hearing on 28.8 when he was still “barred”.

He is represented jointly by Tareq Bargout and Louai Oka.

The Investigator requests 12 additional days.

Judge: “the suspect has been denying the allegations since his arrest… I examined the file… There have been changes in the charges. Some have been refuted, but new ones surfaced that constitute security risk. I examined the interrogation plan, and what I can reveal here is that developments do not depend only on the investigation…”

[These words by the judge are not entirely comprehensible, but for a moment it sounded as if it was not the robot speaking.]

Remand extension for 8 days, until 18.9.14. By that time the case would go to the military prosecution, unless there are new developments.


Abdulla Rateb Abdulla Ajrab – ID 936112804

This is his first remand extension.

He was arrested on 7.9 on suspicion of aiding and abetting Hamas.

The judge examines the file. In his first interrogation the suspect confirmed his involvement in transferring money for terrorism. In addition to his confession, there are various other sources. There is a detailed interrogation plan in place.

A discussion ensues about the number of days: the investigator requests 15, Atty. Oka agrees to the extension, but only for 8 days.

Judge: I don’t interfere – come to an agreement between the two of you.

After two minutes of arguing the judge declares: 12 days to complete the investigation, until 22.9.


Alaa Suleiman Aata Jalaita – ID 953409191

He was arrested yesterday at dawn.

A gun was found in his house. He admits to the possession of the gun and to throwing rocks and a Molotov cocktail.

Atty. Bargout argues that since his client admitted all the charges, the case can go to the prosecution. It is clear to everyone that the detainee is only at the beginning of a battery of interrogations at the detention center.

The judge concludes that both sides have agreed to a 12-day remand.


Muhammad Ahmad Salame Abiyat – ID 911784692

He was arrested in the Hebron area on 7.9.14.

Even before he is brought in, the haggling scene is in progress. Investigator: 12 days. Agreed? Atty. Bargout responds (I could not hear his words).

The judge is already dictating his decision: there is a request for 12 days….

At that point the detainee is brought in. Even though he is still handcuffed and there is no interpreter in the court, the judge addresses him: “The sides agree on 8 days. If you object, we’ll have a hearing. You have a right to a hearing. Do you agree?” The investigator and the attorney cooperate in the translation, and the detainee says,” I agree.”

Remand extension until 18.9.14.


Abdullah Muhammad Ahmad Alabiyat – ID 907408397

He, too, is from Hebron. He is barred from seeing counsel.