Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Lea S., Yael A. and 2 guests from Sdeh Boker Collegeö TranslatorÖ Ayala S.

6:50 Leaving Shoket Junction. Workers were still crossing through Metar Crossing.

At the entrance to Susiya -  a military vehicle was stationed.

Construction goes on vigorously.


7:50: The kids of Umm Tuba show up at the top of the hill, escorted by a military vehicle with its headlights on.(escort is due to fear of Havat Maon settlers.)


8:40: A visit to the Zif kindergarten. Its front yard is shaded, has swings, a sandbox and a slide. Inside there are two rooms, for two grades. The kids were already learning to write.


9:00:At the junction of Zif heading to Yatta, an emergency barrier was put up by the army: one soldier checks the cars while two others cover up for him with guns.


9:15: A big sukkah at the entrance to the burial memorial site of Barukh Goldstein and Meir Kahane invites all visitors to the city to pay respect to these "heroes".


9:25Bet Hameriva has a brand-new huge flag adorning its front, near the military post. A settler family lives in the military post.


9:30: The prayers' lane: across from Bet Hameriva, lots of flags and loud Jewish Music. Soldiers on guard protecting the Jews of Hebron.


At Qiryat Arba a new neighborhood is being built.