'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla, Kufr Jammal

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Karin L., Shoshi (reporting)



Monday Shift, Sukkot,

Since Olive Picking starts on the 10.10 we decided to visit a few villages in order to check if all the grove owners received permits.


10:20 Eliyahu CP – There is  just one car at the checking post


10:30 At the entrance to ‘Azzun there is no military vehicle


10:45 Kafr Jammal – Z. is not in the grocery. His family receives us, as usual cheerfully, but they do not speak Hebrew or English. We phone Petahya so that she should hear from the mother about the passage authorization of her son (an old story about which we have already reported). We shall pass the details on to Micky to continue taking care of the matter.


The Baladiya at Kafr Zibad is shared by the villages: Kafr Zibad, Kafr Jammal, Kafr Abbush, Kafr Sur, Falamya, A-Ras

We asked to check the situation of the authorizations, in view of the  olive picking season. How many were handed to the Palestinian DCO, and whether authorization had already been received from the Israeli DCO. It turned out that the Head of the Council wasn't there and it is possible to get the information only from him. After a short wait we promised to return, and this time after the meeting time would be coordinated.


12:00 At Kafr Sur we visited the grocery. The father of the grocery owner welcomed us. He is a Palestinian who has worked on building sites in Israel for 22 years and does of course talk Hebrew. The crop this year is not very good, he estimates that it would be 40% only of the crop in a good year. Usually it is quiet in the village.


12:50 Falamya – the northern gate – no. 914

Opening hours:

Morning   06:20 – 07:00


Noon     13:00 – 13:40


Evening 16:20 – 17:00


We met a Palestinian from Kafr Jammal who arrived in his car to fetch his sons who work in the za'atar field, 10 dunams. His olive trees are near

 Kochav Yair.


He tells us proudly that some of his sons are students and some are graduates of the university of Nablus, but they have no work and are obliged to work in agriculture. He received a work passage authorization for two years, and according to him everybody will get it too. He works in Israel, as a handyman.


Children up to 16 years may pass to work at olive picking with their father's authorization. He complains bitterly about the soldiers at the CP. They abuse the Palestinians, curse and "destroy our life".


13:00 The military vehicle arrives but the opening of the CPs tarries. After 10 minutes the gatesinfo-icon are opened, out come two tractors and a few pedestrian farmers, 6 people enter.


13:40 ‘Azzun – unloading of parcels in Z.'s house.


Eliyahu CP – There are 4 cars in the checking yard.


14:10 – Habla – The last preparations for the closing of the gates. There are no persons entering or leaving. A van arrives, out of which a young Palestinian runs. The soldiers signal to him that there is no passage.