Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Danger to Regional Security

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieutenant-Colonel Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Amer Suleiman

Defense: Louai Oka


Justice Lieberman was very angry with the people responsible for bringing the detaineesinfo-icon for remand extensions. He warned that if the suspects were not brought in immediately, he would transfer all hearings to Ofer. This threat worked and the suspects began filing in.


There are 5 cases before the court – one is a detainee barred from seeing counsel.


Fuad Saleh Mahmoud Abu Jala’if – ID 920664273

He is from Bethlehem, and is suspected of possession of arms. The investigator requests 8-day extension to complete the investigation. Justice Lieberman wants to know what is in the case that requires further examination. The investigator’s reply: We need to conclude the investigation and transfer the file to the prosecution.

Atty. Oka objects to the police request and wants to limit the extension to one or two days before transferring the case to the prosecution.

The judge examines the file and remarks that no interrogation has been carried out since last Thursday, so it is not clear why the police needs an 8-day extension.

However, the judge agrees that the file contains proof of risk. He extends the investigation until next Thursday at 12:00.


Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Sheikh – ID 852368141, resident of Ramallah.

Suspicion: activity endangering security in the region.

The police requests 15-day remand.

In reply to the defense, the investigator states that there is progress in the investigation but he needs more time. Atty. Oka wants to know if the interrogations are intense. The investigator says they are regular. We were not sure what he meant by “regular”.

Defense’s summation: the defense rejects the police request. It is too long. This is the third remand extension. The jail conditions and the interrogation are very hard. There should be a balance between the needs of the investigation and the suspect’s welfare.

The suspect adds: When he was arrested at home, his sister held his cell phone. The GSS agents took his phone from her hand and touched her inappropriately, damaging her reputation. His mother is on her deathbed. He is the only sibling taking care of her (doctors’ appointments and treatments).

Justice Lieberman’s response: Tell it to the investigators.

Judge’s summation: The suspect has been in custody since 13.10.14 This is the third remand extension. The investigators have submitted secret files describing the background, the suspicions and the progress of the investigation, including future plans. These reports tie the suspect to the allegations against him.

Remand extension for 11 days.


Mussaeb Haled Ibrahim D’ioub – ID 853498194, from Bethlehem.

The police requests 15 days to complete the investigation.

The charges: membership and activity in a hostile organization; ties to hostile agents outside the region; engagement in military activity.

The defense asks: Does he admit the charges?

Investigator: He is cooperating.

Q: He has been in custody for 40 days. Aren’t you done with the investigation?

A: There are developments. They are included in the confidential file.

Q: The detainee was interrogated at Kishon detention center. Why are they starting the interrogation anew here?

A: I don’t know about that. I just received the file today.

Q: Does he have a record?

A: No.

Defense summation: Objection to such a long remand extension. This is his fifth extension. 40 days of interrogation have caused him serious mental problems. He is a student in Jordan with a regular life. We request consideration for his welfare.

Judge’s decision: He has been detained since 19.9.14 – about 40 days during which the investigators have done much. The reports suggest that he is dangerous: hence there is need for more investigation.

Remand extension by 7 days.


Nadel Ahmad Mussa Abu Ramis – ID 941189508

Barred from seeing an attorney.

Since we know Justice Lieberman’s position regarding civilians attending the hearing of a “barred” detainee, we did not request his permission to remain in court during the two parts of the hearing: the defense statement and then the detainee’s appearance before the judge. We heard the investigator’s statement and the defense’s questions. We remained in court while the defense presented his questions but left when the judge met with the detainee.

The investigator requested 15 days for the investigation.

The detainee is from Bethlehem and has been in custody since 26.10.14 and has been barred from seeing an attorney since 30.10.14.

Judge’s decision: remand extension by 11 days.


Amjad Abdullah Assad Abu Aliya – ID 859899312

Arrested this morning and still in civilian clothes.

Both sides agree on 11 days remand.

The detainee has a (very clean) bandage on his wrist. We ask what happened. The investigator replies dryly: His handcuffs were cut, so was his wrist.

The judge was out of the court by now, so we could not verify how deep the cut was.