Ofer - Release on Bail, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Before leaving home in the morning, I read an article in the paper entitled “14 year old Palestinian killed by IDF sniper in the West Bank”. I had an eerie feeling that I may have met the boy’s parents. At the end of the week Gideon Levy gave more details about the incident and I realized that I had met the parents several times at Ofer when they attended the trial of the dead boy’s brother

[See my report of 14.4.14].


The yard at Ofer is filled with family members, but for some reason no names are called and no one is ushered in. In fact, in some of the subsequent hearings there were no family members present.

Most of the cases dealt with remand extensions.


Atty. Ismail Tawil represents a detainee brought from the Russian Compound [detention center], where he will return after the remand decision is granted. His wrist is bandaged; family members explain that the hand was broken at the Russian Compound. This was not even mentioned in the hearing.

The detainee works for the Palestinian Authority; he is accused of keeping weapons in the house. His brother brings in the mother who is almost blind.

Later, in the yard, the man explains his complicated (but not unusual) civic situation. He works at the Palestinian DCL in Bethlehem, and naturally holds a green ID. He is married to an Israeli citizen; his son who also has Israeli citizenship is about to undergo surgery at Hadassah tomorrow. The father is barred from entering Israel for security reasons, so he cannot accompany his wife and son to the hospital. He explains that his mother has residency statue, i.e., blue ID. I asked how such confusion could occur in one family, and he explained that in 1967 his father paid no attention to registration. There was free passage and all bureaucratic registration seemed like a formality.


In Justice Lieut. – Col. Hanan Rubinstein’s court Atty. Munzer Abu Ahmad represents Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad Akili – ID 85131211

There is an indictment against Khalil, and the prosecutor requests remand extension until the conclusion of the proceedings. Khalil is accused of activity in Kutla Al-Islamiya (Hamas Students Organization) and has been incriminated by others. The attorney explains that it is hard to prove membership (in a hostile organization); One can prove only his lastest activity as a supporter of Kutla Islamiya in April 2014.

The judge concludes that there is sufficient evidence and orders remand extension until the conclusion of the procedure.

Arraignment hearing is set for 16.11.14


Salah Muhammad Ibrahim Habel – ID 938460169

Salah Habel seems to be a well-known figure: when he was in court every attorney passing by stopped to talk to him.

He is represented by Salah Mahamid.

As far as I was able to gather, Salah had been under administrative detention for two years, and the detention is about to come to an end. There were plans to appeal to the High Court of Justice before an indictment was presented: the prosecution updated the HCJ, that the investigation was being completed and an indictment was being prepared. The attorney states that he has not been given all the material.

The military prosecutor responds that the material is very extensive. The case includes 30 defendants and detaineesinfo-icon under investigation.

The judge agrees that the entire file should be given to the defense: so far the file includes only notes for the defense indicating that there is more investigative material.

Thus, the judge postponed the hearing to 18.11.14 and the respondent will remain in detention.


Then there was discussion of alternative to detention for three minors (whom I had met two weeks earlier). I can report here that Atty. Haled Al-Araj was able to reduce the bail from 1500 to 1000 shekels. I hope by now the boys are back in their homes.