Ofer - Plea Bargain, Release on Bail

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Nina Reshef, Varda Zur (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Justice Esti Allon's courtroom

We entered around 11:00, the lunch break was at 12:55. During that time, new trial dates were set for six detaineesinfo-icon, and two sentences were given and signed.


It was an opportunity for the families and detainees to meet.

Members of one family entered, and the father came over to shake hands with his detainee son. The guard, who until then had been busy with her nails and sure that everyone was abiding by the rules, cried out in anger that she had failed to foil that situation. Physical contact with detainees is banned! At the end of the hearing or setting of a trial date, or another meeting between those involved, a prison warden stood by the crowd and expelled the same family with shouts of (approximately) "rukh min hon" - get out of here - almost kicking them out...


No relatives appeared to see the next detainee. Though the judge agreed to postpone the hearing until his lawyer could track down the family, who may not have found the way in. The judge finally lost patience and the matter was heard in absentia. The detainee seemed close to tears.


Two trials were held:


Ala Jihad Azmi Altubaba - ID 8540511092

Accused of throwing stones (throwing objects) at the gate of the Migdal Oz settlement. He had already been in detention for seven days, and his family had posted bail for his release pending trial. 'Evidentiary problems' resulted in the trial's not taking place. Since the defendant admitted to the court, thus saving precious time, it was unanimously agreed to give him a light sentence: seven days in jail (which he had already served in custody), a NIS 1500 fine - forfeited from the bail that his family had posted, with the balance returned to them. He was also given a suspended sentence of six months during three years.


Madhat Salah Hassan Abu-Sharifa - ID 401 524 418

The previous hearing had ended in a verdict, and this time the hearing was to award validity to the ruling for an agreement between the prosecutor and counsel for the defences.

The charges: conspiracy to kidnap, and 'throwing objects'.

The judge agreed to admit the arrangement, noting that the sentence was light, since the attempt to kidnap was proven to be of criminal nature, not against a security backdrop, and that his partners each received a nine-month jail sentence.

The agreement between the parties: a jail sentence of 19 months from the date of arrest (24.9.13) for two charges, with the cumulative activation of the five -month suspended sentence he had already received, a total of 24 months imprisonment. A fine of NIS 2000 and 18 months probation for five years after his release.