'Anabta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Madama

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Suzanne and Pithiah, Judith Green (translator)
13:40  Hablah:  no passage of vehicles and wagons, only pedestrians can cross.  The reason?  Palestinians from the village of Hablah whose fields are near the gate set fires to burn off the dry weeds;  the fire burned right up to the gate and the lock was ruined.  The female soldier said that this was the situation for a few days until they fixed it.  They claim that this was done on purpose.  Pedestrians have to jump over the cement wall.
We called the DCO in Qalqilya and the female soldier who answered me said that I should call back in an hour because something was happening.  I called 8 times and, every time, there was a different excuse.  Of course, collective punishment.
14:30 Jit Junction.  At the entrance to Sara there was a checkpoint for vehicles.  4 youths were detained.
14:40  Madama.  They have not yet begun the olive harvest, they are afraid of the settlers.
14:50  Burin.  On Thursday, 1.10, the settlers burned 250 olive trees and broke windows on one of the houses.
15:00  Huwwara.  The checkpoint is manned with a lot of soldiers.  They are inspecting every vehicle that goes through.  Next to the plaza at the entrance to the Apaartheid road (by way of Awarta-Beit Furik) they made a checkpoint so that Palestinian cars cannot go through.
15:15  Beit Furik.  A military presence on the hill opposite the checkpoint.
15:20 Awarta.  The entrance to the village was blocked with sand for 2 days now;  only an hour before our arrival they removed the obstacle because journalists began to arrive and take photos.
16:30  Sara.  Because of the checkpoint, there was a terrible traffic jam.  About 150 vehicles waited in line for inspection.  The people were discouraged and asked us to photograph and report.  The inspection was very slow and careful, particularly of young people.  4 young people were taken out of their cars and took off their shirts and undershirts, which took a lot of time.  There were only 3 soldiers 
The car got to the end of the village.  We called again and again to the DCO and the answer was that when the officer responsible had an opportunity, she would take care of it. Once the answer was that it has been dealt with.
17:00 Anabta - no problems