'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti V., Nava A., Translator: Judith Green

Oranit, Huwarra, Awarta, Beit Furik


When we returned, we heard on the radio that there were confiscations of buses in Nablus and a terrorist attack at Tapuah junction.  We didn't see any of this.


07:50, Oranit:  The metal gate leading from the Oranit roundabout to the Security road (Haim Landau Road) was not closed.  We arrived at gate 1447/1448.  Two taxi-tractors were already waiting at the side of the road and a lot of Palestinians were on the other side of the fence.  The soldiers had not yet arrived.


07:55.  The military vehicle arrived.  The Military Police opened the gate and the groups of 5 began to go through.  The workers claimed that this gate was stricter than the others and, recently they were not allowing electric bikes through, nor were they letting any vehicles through.  They don't understand why they are guilty when a single Palestinian, in another area stabbed or rammed Israelis.


Shomron gate:  traffic is flowing


08:40, Za'atra, Tapuah.  The stations were manned, but traffic is flowing.  On the side of the road leading to Ramallah a bulldozer moves piles of  sand.  Are they building a new guard tower?


In the town of Huwarra, there is only one military vehicle.


Izhar/Burin:  No military activity.


At the roundabout across from the soldiers' quarters, behind cement barriers, they are guarding the settlers’ hitch-hiking station.


Awarta:  In the direction of Nablus, as usual, the yellow arm blocks any movement;  in the direction of the village and the DCO, the road is open.


On the Madison road there is no military activity, nor is there any opposite Itamar.


09:00, Beit Furik:  The roadblock is manned.  A Givati solider is looking for wanted people.  They did not ever hear about Machsomwatch, so that it was not forbidden for them to talk with us.  The building on the hill opposite the tower is already empty.  It apparently had served as a lookout after the murder of the Henkin  couple.


Because of warnings and tension, we did not enter the village or make any purchases.


09:10, Huwarra roadblock:  not manned.


09:20, Za'atra/Tapuah:  not manned now.


Shomron Gate:  traffic is flowing.