Eliyahu Crossing, Habla

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Karin L., Shani – doctoral student (guest), Shoshi A. – report and pictures


A drive along the wall and the fence from Oranit to Abu Salman


We arrived too early for the opening of the Abu Salman CP so we went to Elkana and arrived to the solitary house at Messha. A new fence had been set up here (when? It's a long time since we were here) and it doesn't allow to approach and see Hany's house. The solitary house is on the right.


12:45 Oranit Gate – the gate that is never opened (no. 1474)

We turn left and drive on the system road. The beautiful wall in which much has been invested is marked by descending numbers. Kilometers of walls, fences and barbed wire concertinas. The last marking on the wall is 1453. From here the wall marked as 1452 begins.


Abu Salman CP – No.s 1447-1448

The gate is open. In the booth there are 2 military policewomen and two soldiers. We are politely asked not to take photos. Two tractors come out and turn right. We ask when the gate is to be opened. No reaction. We try again. No reaction. This too is a military secret. Call the DCO, one of them suggests, perhaps they will tell you.

13:00 The gate is shut and the crew continues on the system road to the Habla CP.


The Abu Salman CP 1447 which was shut at 13:00



13:30 Habla

The gate is open. Trucks enter and leave. A Palestinian with a cart hitched to a horse, carrying an old couch and plastic chairs, arrives. We are watching expectantly to see whether they will enable him to get the equipment through the agricultural gate. After an argument the man continues on his way and enters Habla.


A young man arrives, carrying packages for a taxi driver, who is waiting for him on the village side. He passes without being checked, hands the packages over and returns. It seems that with a little good will one can make, even a little, the life of the Palestinians better.For the attention of all soldiers and military police.

The children's minibus leaves.

Anyone who arrives at the CP passes immediately.


13:45 –Eliyahu CP

A long convoy of vehicles awaits checking. It seems the checking is more severe these days.



At the entrance there are 3 soldiers, with no military vehicle. We visit the shop. We hear from the Palestinians at Azun that every Friday noon, at the end of prayers, the havoc begins. The soldiers check every vehicle that enters the town, the children throw stones, the atmosphere heats up, the soldiers shoot and use tear gaz. The shocking picture is well known.


Back to the Eliyahu CP

Karin and Shani descend in order to look at the gardening project. Madam, madam, madam, one of the security guards shouts, as if he had exposed a spy. As usual, they are detained for investigation, before they had even pulled out the cameras. The region is a military zone and it is forbidden to walk, to watch, even to admire the plants…


15:00 We leave.