Hashmonaim (Ni'ilin), Makkabim (Beit Sira)

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Miriam Shaish, Ronit Dehan-Ramati (reporting), Maya B.H. (translation)

Hashmonaim (Ni'ilin), 05:35:

Before the entrance to the Haredi town of Upper Modi'in and before the roundabout next to the CP, there is a queue of gas trucks.  We have seen them before, and don't know why they queue up like that.  (Maybe waiting for Palestinian workers?) We passed with our car, parked it, and crossed the road to where people jump over the security fence and make their way to the CP.  There are food stalls here and there.
The CP queue winds in a snakelike fashion, but is not too long.  There are fewer people today, although there is no rain.  We timed passage for one man -- 15 minutes.
On the other side of the CP, in the parking lot, are many vehicles, primarily buses and mini-vans for public transportation. In the public toilets the light is on, but the doors are locked, and people relieve themselves outdoors behind it.  By the time we return to our car, the gas transporters are gone.  Two young men approach us to ask for help for the brother of one of them, and we give them some instructions.

Makkabim (Beit Sira), 06:00.
We parked next to a long line of cars waiting to pick up laborers.  As usual, many vans wait for their passengers.  We hear passage was fine today.  There is a roofed area near the CP where people can wait and buy cheap coffee from a young woman.  Next to it are 4 toilet stalls and a faucet with running water.  The stalls are being used.