Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Danger to Regional Security

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Roni Hammerman, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Judge: Menachem Lieberman

Police investigator: Sergeant Anan Srour

Defence Counsel: Abed Jajini, Louai Oka


Three cases in the docket, two of the the detained are barred from meeting an attorney

(See report from 10 November 2014)


Abbas Khader Odeh Zurai, ID 853771210

In the previous remand extension, the facility doctor had asked the judge to attach a report on the medical condition of the detainee who had complained of severe back pain.

The detainee has been under investigation since his arrest, on 20.10.14.

A medical report was not attached to the file, just a few words: 'his back hurts, and apparently his head as well," as the defence counsel said to Judge Lieberman, who replied: "Why tell  m e ?"

The police are asking for another ten days of interrogation.

Grounds for the arrest: the suspect is dangerous. Suspicions: Crimes involving combat materiel and issues which appear in the confidential report.

When the defence counsel asked, the investigator said that the detainee had admitted some of the charges, and others not.

And, yes, he had taken a polygraph test, in which he was partly telling the truth and partly not.

The defence summed up: seeking to reduce the number of days of investigation and to instruct its conclusion.

Judge’ summation: The suspect was arrested on 20 .10.14. The investigators assume that he was involved in a serious, unsolved terrorist attack.

After a month during which the detainee was interrogated by the GSS and the police, investigation has not progressed significantly.

However, according to Justice Lieberman, there are foundations for other suspicions.

The judge expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that he had requested but did not receive a medical report: "The court's instructions must be followed", and added that it was unclear to him why the investigation authorities hadn't responded to his request.

Lieberman's summing up of the continuation of the investigation: no progress has been achieved in the investigation, the suspect should be cleared of those suspicions. "I am deciding for  the investigation to be ended".

There is of course evidence regarding the other charges.

Judge Lieberman extended his remand by another three days, to conclude technical matters.


Hisham Jihad Awad Ayyash, ID 852910389

Rafah Radwan Abed Alhmir, ID 401471685


Both suspects are barred from meeting an attorney.

They are represented by Adv. Louai Oka


In both cases, the police investigators asked for another 15 days.

In both cases, the defence attorney objected to a plea bargain and requested to shorten the investigation to 8 days.


We left the remand extensions courtroom together with the defence counsel, and then the detaineesinfo-icon were brought in, one by one.


We left the facility.