Ofer - Stone Throwing, Interrogation of Witness

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Norah Orlow, Aya Kaniuk, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


As in the last few weeks, we came here today to observe the hearing of Lina Khattab. We knew it was an arraignment hearing and thus a short session, but it was important to meet the family and show solidarity. Shosh Kahn (from Women for Women Prisoners) was there too. We spoke at length with Muhammad Khattab, Lina’s father. He told us about his theatrical productions and other personal stories. He comes from a family of refugees from Klonya (Lower Motza today) who were expelled in 1948.

Lina’s 15-year old sister Aya was in court today too. We learned that she plays in the national soccer league of Palestine and participated in games in Palestine and neighboring countries.


Judge: Major Meir Vigiser

Prosecutor: Captain Gali Katlan

Defense: Atty. Aouda Zbeidi


Defendant: Lina Muhammad Atta Khattab – ID 401313200


The indictment was read (not yet translated into Arabic).

Lina is accused of throwing rocks during a demonstration. The defense said Lina denies all the allegations.

The case was referred to an internal memorandum hearing – without the defendant’s presence - on 26.1.15.


Without having any prior information, we entered a courtroom where an examination was conducted in the evidentiary hearing of lawyers from Nablus.

Background: In February 2014 security forces raided a law office in Nablus and arrested Atty. Fares Abu Hassan, considered the head of “International Solidarity for Human Rights”, Atty. Osama Makboul, Ahmad Bitawi, a journalist working for the Solidarity organization and Nariman Salem who worked as a secretary. Also arrested was Atty. Muhammad Abed from Baana in the Western Galilee.

The charge was that when they visited prisoners, they passed messages from organizations that helped coordinate protest and solidarity rallies among Hamas prisoners, including hunger strikes and boycott of the courts. These were measures the prisoners were taking against the Prison authorities and were aimed at strengthening Hamas leadership in the prisons.

This is similar to what happened to six lawyers who worked at “Al Quds” office in East Jerusalem. Among those arrested there were Madhat and Shirin Issawi.

The charges were similar too.

The detaineesinfo-icon are now released on bail, and today Nariman Salem, the secretary, was examined in court. She was detained at Jalame and Petah Tikva for interrogation, then she was released to house arrest and paid a 10,000 shekel bail.

Three judges sat on the bench:

Lieut.- Colonel Menahem Lieberman, Major Sigal Tourjeman and Major Anan Sarhan

Defense: Atty. Salah Mahamid


Our previous report contained a link describing the arrest of Malek Al-Khatib from the village of Beitin. We publish the link again.

Malek is 14 years old and was charged with throwing rocks. She is kept at Sharon Prison.

In the meantime information circulated on various networks that the hearing had taken place and Malek was sentenced to two months plus 5000 shekel fine.


Norah adds:


After the  lunch break Justice Rani Aamer read the verdict in the case of

Jamil Ibrahim Jamil Juarish, ID 403890593 –Case 7493/14

Jamil is a 16 year old from Aida Refugee Camp, accused of throwing rocks at soldiers. [See earlier report

Atty. Ihab Galid represents him.

Jamil’s sentence (he is now detained at Sharon Prison):

four and a half months from the day of arrest plus 3000 shekel fine.

Like many others, Jamil’s father cannot afford to pay such a sum. Being a house painter, he has trouble finding work in winter.