Ofer - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Conspiracy to Kill

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Hava Halevi, Mili Mass (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


When we arrived we found the courtyard teeming with family members. The roll call went fast, but not many people responded: apparently, some families could not make it. Whey Atty. Ilya Theodory arrived, many people in the yard called out to him, but he answered: “All the cases were postponed.”


In Justice Major Meir Visiger’s court

Prosecutor: Captain Alona Asher


During one intermission in the hearings, a GSS (f.) officer announced: “We’re bringing in four detaineesinfo-icon for two minutes, then four more for two minutes” (MM)


Muhammad Said Mater Fahida, ID 85454409 - Case 1475/14

Defense: Akram Samara


Fahida is accused of shooting at someone.

The hearing was postponed to 6.10.14


Majed Mahdi Vagia Ramhi, ID 859342636 – Case 3588/13

Amir Wajdi Vagia Ramhi – ID 854853231 – Case 3587/13

Defense: Akram Samara


Presumably brothers, both accused of manufacturing and throwing an incendiary object.

It seems that the attorney met them for the first time today in court.

The judge asked the interpreter to call in the family, but nobody came. The detainees, in civilian clothes, looked very young. The hearing was postponed to 1.9.14.


Hassan Amad Abed Al Aziz Abu Hadaba, ID 950572818 – Case 2285/14

Defense: Akram Samara


Accused of holding and manufacturing combat materiel.

According to his mother, he is 27 years old, and lives in Jilasun (between Ramallah and Nablus). He works in the poultry department in a supermarket and was arrested at his place of work on 10.5.14.This is his fourth hearing.

The hearing was postponed to 1.9.14.


Mazen Muhammad Muhammad Mugrabi,  ID 943583955 – Case 1324/14

Defense: Ahmad Saffiya


Accused of membership and activity in an unlawful organization.

The judge is told that the family is outside. He decides that the detainee will see them after the hearing.

The attorney reports that an agreement is being negotiated between the sides. The accused denies the allegations, but the prosecution has not responded to the defense’s request. The hearing is postponed to 1.9.14. If no agreement is reached by that date, the accused will be examined by the prosecution and an evidentiary hearing will be set.


Mazen Na’aman Abdullah Abu Arish,  ID 853565687 – Case 1201/14

Defense: Mahmoud Hassan, replaced today by Atty. Awda Zbeidi.


Accused of membership and activity [in an unlawful organization].

His mother and sister are present in court. His mother tells us that he is 22 and lives in Hebron. He has been in detention since 23.12.14. Mazen confessed at an earlier hearing but then recanted. He rejects a plea bargain. Atty. Zbeidi says he can change counsel. To the judge’s question: who should represent him, he answers that he has not made up his mind yet. The hearing is set for two weeks from today, by that time Mazen has to decide about his defense and the attorney has to be present in court.

After the hearing, Atty. Zbeidi told us that the charges against Mazen are very serious (and not as written in the docket). He is accused of conspiracy to kidnap and commit homicide. Others have incriminated him. He admitted some of the charges, and was offered a plea bargain that includes a 2-year prison time. But he retracted his admission. He thinks he can get a better deal, perhaps with the help of Atty. Al Araj. He was also offered an open trial, namely, an evidentiary hearing where the judge will decide the penalty.


Ibrahim Yehiya Ibrahim Alhamor, ID 411459639 – Case 3958/13

Defense: Muhammad Hassan (replaced by Atty. Awda Zbeidi).


Accused of manufacturing and throwing an incendiary object. He has been in custody since Oct. 2013.

The hearing was postponed to 1.9.14.