Ofer - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Mili Mass, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


As soon as we enter the compound – past the electronic gatesinfo-icon, the turnstiles, the black glass where you deposit your ID, the scanner and the frisking – we are hit by the stench from the open sewers that make their way to the fields of Qalandiya, and from there to the underground waterways that do not recognize borders and police, and no doubt seep into underground water in our parts, just like the occupation itself.


Courtroom 4

Judge: Etty Adar

Prosecutor: Gali Katalan


Statistics of charges from today’s docket: 3 Palestinians staying illegally inside Israel, 2 accused of membership and activity [in unauthorized organisations], 12 shootings or throwing objects, 2 possession and trading in combat materiel, 3 criminal and property violations.


Issa Atalla Issa Hamed, ID 911670917  Case 5309/14

Charge: throwing rocks and other objects

Defense: Haled Al-Araj


Issa’s mother – an American citizen fluent in English – told us earlier that her son is mentally challenged. In court we witness again (Cf. Malek Alama) how the science of medicine is harnessed in the service of justice. Issa is a twenty something young man with mental retardation. He has an enigmatic warped smile on his face. It turns out that he is a frequent visitor to courts and prisons.

The defense focuses on his disability, but the court abides by reports of psychiatric commissions (Everyone can pretend to be psycho to avoid punishment…)

Issa was arrested on 9.7.14 and since then has been examined by two psychiatric commissions. The first determined – on 8.9.14 – that during his detention his psychiatric condition had deteriorated. The second determined that he was responsible for his actions, but that commission ignored the earlier report that stated that his life is a series of hospitalizations, medications and psychiatric condition.

Issa’s mother got up and called to the judge: Can’t you see that he is not normal? Please help me! Help me! She told the court that as an American citizen she wants to take her son to America, but every time the documents arrive from the American consulate, the boy is in jail and they can’t process the application.

The attorney told the court that medication only make Issa’s condition worse.

The next hearing is set for 18.3.15. The judge, who said she’d like to help stated, “In view of the circumstances and the psychiatric report concerning his mental condition, I order to reexamine his case, as requested.”

The court secretary will transfer the protocol to a Ministry of Welfare committee that will evaluate his mental condition and determine his cognitive abilities and criminal culpability. The court will also send the decision to the regional psychiatrist’s office to complete the report (of 24.12.14) that ignored the previous report.


Zaliba Jamil Iskander Farij, ID 987085669 - Case 6053/14

Charge: Possessing and trading in combat materiel

Attorney: Abdullah Merar


Zaliba is released on bail and came to court from his home. He is charged that from14.12.07 until 21.2.14 he kept arms in his home in Bethlehem. What arms? An Essex hunting rifle, an imitation Flintlock rifle, another hunting rifle, a barrel, and 50-9mm bullets.

Zaliba, a 53 year old man, admits his guilt and explains that all the rifles are collector’s items, for show or for bird hunting. Only one hunting rifle from the entire arsenal can actually shoot. He has an expired license from the PA.

Sentence: 8-month suspended sentence plus 4000 shekel fine.


Courtroom 5

Judge: Major Sigal Turjeman

Defense: Muhammad Jabrin


There were no ID numbers in the docket.


Muatez Muhammad Mutlak Abu Jakhisha– Case 8456/14

Majahed Muhammad Mutlak Abu Jakhisha – Case 8436/14

Muhammd Atalla Abed Al Fatah Abu Jakhisha – Case 8430/14


The defendants are brothers and a cousin. One (I am not sure which one) is under administrative detention and the court is waiting for the Shabak [GSS] report.


Muhammad Nasser Muhammad Taamre – Case  4820/13

Defense: Muhammad Jabarin

Judging by the Case number, he has been in detention for more than a year. He is accused – and admitted in plea bargain – that in August 2013 and during Ramadan that year he threw rocks and a firebomb at the army. He was a member of “Shiatin Al Bakaa”, manufactured firebombs and planned to throw them at the soldiers.

Sentence: 26 months in prison beginning with the day of arrest, 12 months suspended sentence for 5 years and 2000 shekel fine or 2 months in prison.