Ofer - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Sentence

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Norah Orlow (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Sentencing in the case of

Muhammad Walid Muhammad Al-Azza, ID 852829324 - Case 3751/15


The sentence was supposed to be given at 13:30, but at that time Justice Haim Balilti served as head judge and he refused to deliver the sentencing arguments, since the prosecution had presented its case a week earlier in front of Justice Major Meir Vigiser, and insisted that the defense has to plead the case in front of the same judge before he hands down his sentence.

[See earlier report of Al-Azza’s trial]

Thus, we had to wait for the arrival of Justice Vigiser, and the hearing in the Al-Azza case did not begin until 15:30.


Military prosecutor: Eli Neumann

Defense: Atty. Tareq Bargout


A Short reminder:

On 9.4.13 Muhammad Al-Azza (journalist-photographer) was shot in the face by a soldier while taking photos at a demonstration in Aida Refugee Camp. He underwent a series of operations, and today, two years later, he still suffers from damage in one eye.

After the incident, Muhammad sued for damages. Shortly afterwards a reason for his arrest was found: he was suspected, and later charged with trading in combat materiel. He was accused of possessing pipes that would later be used to make an explosive charge.

Muhammad denied the allegations and insisted he was innocent during subsequent evidentiary hearings.


The sentence stated: “the accused carried out the alleged acts, ignoring the fact that pipes are military equipment since they are used in the making of explosive charges”.


The penalties Muhammad received today:

11 days incarceration (to coincide with his detention)

5 months suspended sentence for 5 years

3000 shekel fine


The defense intends to appeal the ruling.

We shall follow up.