Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Release on Bail, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut.-Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Rabbia Soutry

Defense: Firas Sabah, Judd Kadmani


There are three cases in the docket: two of cousins from the Bazer family. It would seem that quite a few in the village have been incriminated and accused of belonging to Hamas.


Noor Alladin Shafiq Saleh Bazer – ID 401472311

He is represented by Attys. Sabah and Kadmani.

The police requests 8 additional days for the investigation.

Sabah asks some obvious questions such as: Is there progress in the interrogation?

He objects to the extension: it is the third in this case where the charge is belonging to a hostile organization.

The investigators want the suspect to admit his guilt and name names of people he does not even know.

Atty. Sabah says that the suspect has already told the police everything he knows.

“My colleague,” he says turning to the investigator, “says he needs to check a few things.” He, however, insists that the investigators should conclude the process and prove that there are grounds for detention, in which case they should hand the case over to the prosecution, or else release him.

Judge’s decision: On 27.4.15 Bazer was remanded. At the time the investigator stated that if there was no progress, the case would be transferred to the military prosecution for indictment. Today the suspect has been brought here and the police request another 8 days.

Justice Lieberman says he has seen no progress in the secret file since the last remand extension. The charges require examination, but in the judge’s opinion they are not severe. The judge decides to release the suspect under restrictive conditions to insure that he will report to court when summoned.

As condition for releasing, the suspect or his family have to deposit 5000-shekels. If he cannot post the sum he will be brought before a judge on 7.5.15.

In order to allow the investigators to appeal the decision, the decision won’t be carried out for 48 hours. (It turns out that in those 48 hours the law allows to bring charges against the suspect and to postpone the judge’s decision – T.S.)


Muhanned Wafiq Salah Bazer – ID 854605094

Defense: Atty. Firas Sabah and Judd Kadmani


The judge’s decision in this case is identical to his decision in the case of cousin Noor. Release under restrictive conditions and 5000 shekel deposit.


Ahmad Muhammad Abud Srour – ID 850025862  

Resident of Ni’ilin.

He is represented by Atty. Kadmani and Atty. Ma’amoun Hashin (not present in court).


The investigator requests a 4-day remand extension.

The defense objects claiming that in a previous hearing the investigator said the case would go to the prosecution. The defense quotes an interrogator saying to the suspect during an interrogation, “If you don’t talk, you will remain in detention under present conditions”. The harsh conditions cause detaineesinfo-icon to say things in order to “flee” the detention.

Judge’s decision: The investigator requests 4 days because there is a development in the investigation; but in the secret file before the judge there is no development that could not be anticipated last Tuesday or Wednesday.

It turns out that there is no unexpected development. Since Wednesday neither the police nor the Shabak (GSS) conducted any interrogations. Thus, the judge sees no grounds to prolong the investigation. The suspect is not being interrogated.

The Israeli Police represents all the agencies of the investigation. At a previous remand extension the police declared that the case would go to the prosecution if no unexpected development occurs. The police must stand by its statements. They could have handed the case over to the prosecution 5 days ago.

The suspect admits to serious charges and the case should go to the prosecution. There is no reason to continue the investigation.

Justice Lieberman gives the investigator 48 hours to send the case to the prosecution.