Ofer - Release on Bail, Stone Throwing

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Morning and Afternoon


What happens when young Palestinians try to hold a commemorative event for Rachel Corrie


On 18.3.15 young Palestinians from Qariut Village near Nablus decided to hold a memorial service on the 12th anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s murder. The event included planting trees and a picnic.

While they were planting olive trees, sang and prepared food, soldiers arrived with brandished rifles. One youngster who suffers from asthma collapsed. The army decided he was easy prey and arrested him, something his friends tried to prevent. The soldiers then focused on two Palestinians and arrested them.

The case has been debated in the military court since then.

Atty. Ramati managed to free one of them on bail. An appeal for the release of the other one was rejected.

The hearing today concerns the released one.


Judge: Captain Haim Balilti

Prosecutor: Major Noa Shafrir

Defendant: Muhammad Amjad Mahmoud Qawad – ID 8601188796


Today is an evidentiary hearing.

The prosecutor states that no prosecution witnesses have been summoned. He requests to summon them for next week, as of 20.6.15.

Atty. Ramati requests re-examination of the case, in view of the protracted proceedings. The arraignment took place more than 2 months after he was charged.

The charge is throwing rocks.

The prosecutor explains that the witnesses are the area commander and two soldiers, one is overseas and was not summoned, and the other one is otherwise engaged. As for other witnesses, the entire regiment is on furlough.

The judge agrees with the defense that the case is not progressing. One of the defendants is still detained. Thus both cases are set for evidentiary hearing on 21.6.15 in the morning.

The witnesses (except the one abroad) will be summoned and the defense will present its case.


I came to court especially to observe the hearing of Amal Takatka. Amal was arrested at Gush Etzion Juncture on 1.12.14 with a knife in her hand. She is accused of trying to stab a settler. She was shot by the soldiers and brought to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in serious condition.

I had attended earlier hearings in her case. To one of them she was brought in in a wheel chair, to another with a walker.

Amal has recovered and is detained at Sharon Prison.


Judge: Lieut- Col. Menahem Lieberman

Prosecutor: Lieut. Anan Sarhan

Defense: Haled Araj

Defendant: Amal Jahad Ali-Ahmad Takatka – ID 854053840


The defense requests to move the case to evidentiary hearing. The prosecutor asks to consult the prosecutor who handles the case to come up with a list of witnesses.

The case is set for evidentiary hearing on 20.9.15.