Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Tirza Sandbank


Judge: Lieut-Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigatorolice Investigator: Shenan Hamad

Defense: Maamoun Heshin, Judd Kadmani, Firas Sabah.  (All three appeard as a team, representing all the detaineesinfo-icon;  they appeared before the judge each in his turn, one at a time.)


We have not reported the proceedings in the Russian Compound for several weeks, in spite of the fact that we were there, at the courthouse, several times. One time the hearings took place earlier than scheduled,  once the staff had gone on a trip, and at other times there was no explanation why the hearings did not take place.


Several times we contacted the office in "Ofer", but the information they gave us was not accurate.  Today the info we got was better.


The hearings were scheduled for ten o'clock, but they began later, and continued beyond the scheduled time. We all entered the court, slightly after the judge arrived. It then transpired that there was no electricity in the room, and the investigator tried to solve the problem.  We waited until he came in with an extension cable which connected to an electric socket outside the room. Most of the men in the room tried to help. There was a lot of commotion in the small room. They tried again and again until they came up with results. Then the investigator gave the translator a damp cloth to wipe the judge's table. We all waited for the hearing to begin.


There were five cases in the docket.  Four of the detainees were barred from meeting with attorney. The fifth was a detainee about whom there was agreement between the defense and the police representative.


The barred detainees cases are dealt with first in their absence. The defense attorney represents the detainee, and then we all have to leave the room. Roni and I decided long ago not to show Judge Lieberman the preliminary injunction which recommends that we be present during both parts of the hearing – the first part which takes place in the absence of the detainee, and the second which takes place in the absence of the attorneys.  We have presented this document in the past.  The honourable judge vigorously opposes our presence during the part of the hearing in which the detainee is present.  And so we leave the courtroom, together with the attornies.


Fadi Jamal Moussa Darvish – ID 907666820


The police investigator asks for an additional fifteen days for investigation. The suspect has been in administrative detention, and the investigation has just begun. The suspect links himself to the allegations against him, just as these appear in the confidential report.

He is suspected of membership in an illegal organization.

From the defense attorney Kadmani we are informed: there are eight additional investigatory actions to be carried out.

The detainee is not permitted to meet with council -  for the sake of the investigation, and this because there are others involved in this case.

Kadmani is opposed to such a long period of investigation, claiming that the suspect has already admitted his connection to the event.

We went out and waited for the detainee to come out. 

Judge Lieberman agreed that the suspect be remanded in custody for eight additional days. 


Yaakub Mustafa Omar Hassin – ID 854440708

Salman Mustafa Omar Hassin – ID 850144601


Two brothers were arrested together on 9.6.15.

They were brought in separately, but the defense treated the two cases as one and the same, because the proceedings were the same in both cases. 

The police investigator requested an additional 15 days of detention.

Both suspects deny the suspicions against them. Both are suspected of belonging to and being active in an enemy organization.

Defense attorney Hashim asked if there has been any progress in either of these cases. The investigator answered in the positive, adding that he is not able to divulge any details:  they appear in the confidential report.

The defense attorney asked whether it was a question of planning  an attack in the area;  the investigator referred him to the confidential report, saying the suspicions were up to date.

The defense asked how many times the detainee Yaakub had been interrogated since his last remand extension (12 days), and whether the detainee had any health problems. The police investigator replied: he was interrogated 28 times. As far as he knows, the suspect does not have any health problems, nor does his brother.

The defense inquired whether the detainee had been held in the Russian Compound for the whole period, or whether he had been transferred elsewhere. The investigator claimed that he could not supply any details.

The judge's decision: remand extended for 8 days for the purpose of further investigation.


Salmanhas been detained for the same period of time.  He has been questioned 11 times.

The judge's decision: remand extended by 8 additional days for investigation.


Asmat Maamoun Samara Ibrahim – ID 902898485


The detainee is not barred from meeting with attorney.It was agreed that he be detained for four additional days for investigation, following which, the file will be submitted to prosecution.