Ofer - Plea Bargain, Sentence

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Nitza Aminov, Norah Orlow (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Most cases I attended today dealt with charges of membership and activity in unauthorized associations, according to the ‘zeitgeist’. In all cases the organization in question was Hamas.


One exception was a case which dealt with an assault of an officer.

Judge: Major Meir Vigiser

Prosecutor: Lieut. Yaela Tsaflawi

Defense: Atty. Ahmad Safiya


Nasser Mahmoud Muzlah Batanga, ID 938620663 - Case  2204/15

Nasser is a resident of Jericho.

Two of his cousins were present in court.


On 2.3.15 the accused was detained on suspicion of using drugs. After he was put in the police car he freaked out and tried to get hold of the steering wheel to disrupt the ride.


An evidentiary hearing was scheduled for today, but the sides had reached an agreement after the defendant recanted and admitted his guilt.

The judge accepted the plea bargain due to the defendant’s clean record and the fact that he confessed and expressed regret. True, the judge said, Batanga endangered the lives of the people in the police car, but he has no prior convictions and his admission saved the court’s time.

The penalties:

-7 months in jail starting with the day of arrest;

-18-month suspended sentence, provided that in 5 years he does not attack a policeman or commit any violation that endangers lives on the road;

-6 months suspended sentence for 5 years to ensure that he does not commit any act of violence;

-3000-shekel fine or 3 months in jail.


This morning we expected sentencing in the case of Sajed Da’adua from Al-Hader, but the sentence was postponed to this afternoon.

Later, his attorney informed me that Sajed had been convicted.

Hearing of arguments for conviction was set for 12.8.15.


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