Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Incriminators

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Moshe Levi

Police investigator: Zayd Aktish

Defense: Atty. Farah Biadasi, Firas Sabah, Amar Yassin, Muhammad Zahalka


There are 11 cases in the docket, two are of detaineesinfo-icon barred from seeing counsel and one of a minor.


Abdulla Munir Salah Askhaq – ID 852418250

He is represented by Attys. Sabah and Amar.


He is suspected of activity endangering security in the region, in connection with the group accused of the incident in Shvut-Rachel. He pleads guilty.

By agreement between the sides there is a remand extension of 8 days, afterwards the case goes to the prosecution.


Faiz Abed al-Majid Jaber Hamad – ID 905144770

The investigator requests an 8-day remand.

The suspect is represented by Attys. Sabah and Amar


The mature looking detainee is implicated with the Shvut Rachel incident.

From the attorney’s questions we gather that there has been some progress since the previous hearing. When asking for details, he is referred to the secret file.

Defense’s summation:

The defense objects to the remand extension. In a previous hearing the investigator promised to expedite the investigation, now we hear that there is argument for extension.

The defense requests that the judge examine the material carefully and review in particular recent developments to decide if extension is mandated.

Justice Levi’s summation: Examination of the open and secret files warrants extension.

Remand extension for 8 days,


Amjad Abed al-karim Muhammad Dar Aduan – ID 850979527

Represented by Atty. Sabah and Amar.


There is agreement to send the case to the prosecution after 8 additional days.

The detainee is accused of complicity in the Shvut Rachel case.


Maher Nader Abed al-ajani – ID 852242486

He is barred from seeing counsel.


Maher was arrested on 6.8.15 and is represented by Attys. Sabah and Amar.

The investigator requests 15 days.

The charge is activity endangering security in the region. The suspect was interrogated by the Shabak, not yet by the police.


The defense asks several times: Was he told what he is suspected of? Each time he is referred to the secret file. Sabah asks further: Was he asked to be part of the unit? The investigator refers to the memorandum.

Does he plead guilty? The defense asks. - It’s in the secret file.

In his summation Sabah states that there is an attempt to link his client to a military unit whose members are under investigation. He was asked to join the unit but refused to take part in any action.

Sabah request reduced detention and examination of the incriminator’s reliability.


Jamal Jamil Salim Yunes – ID 948623038

Defense: Atty. Mahmoud Zahalke


There is an agreement on 8 additional days, but the defense asks to allow the detainee to speak to the court, so his statement will be in the protocol.

The detainee speaks Hebrew and describes what happened the day before.

“A Border Policeman or a policeman took me, I am not sure which. They took us (Jamal and his son-in-law Amjad) toward Nablus; near Tapuah Junction they turned right to the Jordan Valley between Masariah and Tapuah. We got off the jeep and were asked if that was the place. I said I didn’t know what they were talking about. They put us back on the jeep. Then they said, This is the place. I said this is not the place to look for gold. They said, Then where?  Further up. They shouted at me saying I took part in a murder and that I was going to jail for 10 years. Sign, sign! I was so scared I signed.”

It is not clear if he signed in Hebrew or in Arabic. (The son-in-law said that the two came to look for weapons. Jamal claims they came to look for gold. Perhaps there are antiquities in the region…)