Ofer - Plea Bargain, Stone Throwing

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Yvonne Mansbach, Hava Halevi, Aya Kaniuk, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


After 3 years in court and an attempt to bring the case to an evidentiary hearing – there is a plea bargain.


In March 2012 Sajed Da'dua from Al-Hader village took part in the planting of olive trees. Settlers headed by Nadia Matar showed up at the grove claiming that the land does not belong to Palestinians. Sajed continued to plant, insisting that it is his land. In the incident that ensued he was accused of shoving a policeman.

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Judge: Major Samzar Shagug

Prosecutor:  Captain Dvir Weisel

Defense: Atty. Nery Ramati

Defendant: Sajed Yussef Muhammad Da’dua, ID 854142213 - Case 4621/12


As in many other cases, an evidentiary trial was initiated, but as time went by, the sides decided on an agreement. The defense argues that in similar violations tried in Israel often the trial ends without a conviction, so as not to jeopardize the defendants’ future. However, in this area a conviction carries immediate damage to the defendant: no work permit to work in Israel. And there is also a suspended sentence. Since the case has been in the courts for three years and the police revocation of work permit occurs right away, the defendant has not been able to obtain a permit to work in Israel. All this was adduced in order to reduce the suspended sentence.

Sajed studied tourism at Bethlehem University and works in that area.

The judge gave him a 3-months suspended sentence, plus a 1000-shekel fine to be deducted from the deposit he had posted.


Justice: Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn

Prosecutor: Captain Dvir Wisel

Defense: Atty. Nery Ramati

Defendant : Ahmad Muhammad Abud Srur – ID 855025862

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Again there is an agreement. The court allowed the defendant to recant his rejection of the charges and the prosecution amended the indictment.

Ahmad Srur, from the village of Ni’alin is charged with four counts. The first alleges that in 2014, together with others, he blocked the way of security forces with garbage pails, preventing them from entering the village, and on some occasions he threw rocks.

The second charge refers to Ramadan of 2014 and is similar to the first.

The third alleges that during Operation Protective Shield the defendant threw rocks at security forces on several occasions.

The last count alleges that in April 2015 he left the area without a permit.

Note that three counts refer to protests in which nobody was hurt.

Srur has been in prison since April 2015.

The judge approved the plea bargain and handed down the following penalty:

12 months in prison starting with the day of arrest.

4 months suspended sentence: he is not to repeat the offense for 3 years after his release.

45 days suspended sentence : for 2 years from his release he is not to violate injunctions relating to “closed area”.

6 month suspended sentence: for 3 years after his release he is not to repeat the offense of throwing an incendiary object.

And as in all convictions at the military court – a fine of 2000 shekel or 2-month jail time.

Another case ending in plea bargain, like almost 100% of the cases.