Ofer - Remand Extension, Minors

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Tamar Goldschmidt, Aya Kaniuk, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


“In view of the defendant’s claim that he was subject to torture that resulted in a hand injury, I order the authorities of the detention facility where he is held to conduct a medical examination of his hand; a copy of the protocol will be sent to the head of the investigation who will examine the claim that the defendant was tortured during the interrogation.”


Judge: Major Sharon Keinan

Prosecutor: Lieutenant Avia Aloni

Defense: Atty. Mahmoud Hassan


Detainee: Luai Faisal Hassan Hashalmon - ID 92166175


In the remand extension court hearings are conducted in conveyor belt fashion. Detaineesinfo-icon are brought in, the prosecutor requests a remand extension, the defense does its best to ask and clarify, and the judge almost always sides with the prosecution.

This time, too, the prosecutor requests an 8-day extension to complete the indictment.

In his objection, the attorney states that the defendant has already been interrogated for 35 days. He and his friend - sitting next to him - have undergone harsh interrogations. They claim that they were tortured, and Hashalmon suffered hand injury because of the famous “banana position”.

Atty. Hassan wants an immediate indictment. He reminds the court that when a detainee is in the interrogation facility, he is deprived of visitation rights and other conditions that he is eligible for.

The judge decides to accede to the prosecution’s demand, but adds in the protocol the above quotation. I assume that in the reply from the interrogator the words “ticking bomb” and “interrogation of necessity” will be mentioned.



Hearings of underage girls were scheduled for this day. We heard from the families that the court was waiting for reports from Welfare Officers, and there was talk of transferring the girls to a Boarding Facility in Bethlehem as an alternative to detention.

No decision has been given yet.


In Justice Keinan’s court we heard the case of


Amira Ali Ahmad Alhamidat,  ID 904466646 - Case 7346/15

Defense:Atty. Ahlam Haddad


Amira Alhamidat is accused of bringing in “terror money” on behalf of Hamas. Since the case involves large sums of money, it will be tried before a panel of judges. 


Alhamidat is 53 years old. She does not work for any organization. The money was transferred to her by a Gaza resident who, surprisingly, was allowed to stay in Israel for many years as a textile merchant. He even set up a company. A few days ago he was arrested briefly, testified against Alhamidat, then released and presumably sent back to Gaza. 

A strange story? Not according to the prosecution.


At the end of the hearing, Atty. Haddad showed the judge medical records proving that the detainee suffers from severe back pain, and asked not to move her from Sharon Prison, where she is receiving treatment at the clinic.


Let me mention that. as of today, there are (presumably) 41 women in jail, and the number is steadily growing. A new wing was added to Damon Women’s Prison, and 18 women were recently transferred there.


The judge considered accepting the request to leave Alhamidat at Sharon Prison. He ordered a remand extension in accordance with the prosecution’s demand.

Arraignment hearing is set for 3.1.16 before the same panel.


Detainee: Hifaa Makrum Abed Al Karim Abu Zabih,  ID 904897238 - Case 7775/15

Defense: Atty. Ibrahim Araj


Hifaa Abu Zabih is a a school principal from Hebron. She has 6 children - the youngest is 2.

Her husband and some family members are present in court.

Here, too, the judge orders an 8-day remand extension, until 29.12.15.


During the day we spoke with family members.

I repeat my mantra: Come to Ofer to hear and learn about life under occupation - and also out of solidarity.