Ofer - Remand Extension, Sentence

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


"Remand extension until the end of the proceedings requires extensive deliberation. Because of heavy workload I am unable to hand down a decision in this case today. I’ll be here on 16.12 [this is a judge on reserve duty]- and so I’m ordering an 11-day remand extension for this defendant!


Judge: Lieut. Col. Zeev Afik

Prosecutor: Lieut. Rafi Shafransky

Defense: Atty. Farah Biyadsi


Detainee: Dunia Ali Muhammad Muzlah,ID 401837190 - Case  7129


Dunia Muzlah, from Daheishe Refugee Camp, has been in detention since 15.1.15.

She is accused of membership in the Popular From for the Liberation of Palestine and of incitement, which refers to several posts on Facebook. The defense reports that Dunia does not deny that she has been a member of the Popular Front for several years. Her membership is a mere formality: she has not given them any material support.

The judge says he is a liberal person, so membership does not scarehim. Incitementhowever, does .

The attorney moves for a release on bail (The family is wiling to post 10,000 shekels); a Palestinian with entry permit is willing to vouch for Dunia, and she will be disconnected from the internet.

The judge says he cannot sendsoldiers to the camp to check that all the devises have indeed been disconnected. He says he prefers to be effective. “He can’t afford to be a “bleeding heart”, he adds.

Dunia is a first year Accounting student.

In his decision the judge said the words I quote at the top.

Thus, with one click on the keyboard he extends her detention by 11 days.


In the courtyard I spoke with the father of a 14-year old girl! She had a remand extension hearing today. A few days earlier an alternative to detention had been given by the judge, but the prosecution presented an indictment, without citing any new evidenceThe judge berated the girl for crying out loud and declared himself a merciful and just judge. In the end he agreed to uphold the decision for an alternative to detention, but allowed the prosecution to appeal. The father, helpless and broken hearted, asked if I knew what was going to happen. Alas, I had no answer.


After the break I attended the trial of Khalida Jarrar.

Much has been written about the verdict in this case. I am citing the judge’s statement from the protocol: "The legitimate activity of the defendant as Member of the PalestinianParliament is not the issue here.”

Yet she was convicted for her membership in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

I cannot understand how a woman elected to Parliament as a representative of the Popular Front can be accused of membership inthat organization. All the organizations represented in the Palestinian Parliament are considered terror organizations by Israel, and formally all their members can be arrested.