Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge (and manning the keyboard) Lieut. Colonel Menahem Lieberman

Police investigator: Rabia Suatiri

Defense: Firas Sabah, Eyad Nabulsi, Judd Kadamani


There were 8 cases in the docket – two of Israeli Palestinians (barred from meeting counsel) and another ‘barred’ detainee from the Occupied Territories.

Today was a little different than usual: the small stuffy hall of the Russian Compound was overcrowded; many people came and went. There was no typist and the judge was at the keyboard. This was hard on us: we did not get all the information. I hope the protocols – in Hebrew and handed out to the detaineesinfo-icon as well - were informative enough: Justice Lieberman was busy typing, formulating, reading files, and did not share his reasons with the people in court, so our report may be lacking in details.


Muhammad Ashraf Akram Bargas – ID 854015088

Defense: Eyad Nabulsi


Defense: The man has been in detention for 17 days. He claims that he confessed as soon as he was arrested. Why don’t you hand over the case to the prosecution?

Investigator: The investigators claim that he is linked to other violations: rock throwing.

Q: How many interrogations have taken place since his arrest?

A: Many. We request time to continue the investigation.

Q: Apart from throwing rocks, what is he suspected of?

A: There are others involved.

Q: How many?

A: It is in the secret file.


Defense’s summation: The detainee confessed that he had thrown rocks 7 months ago. He cooperated with the investigators. They are trying to force him to admit to things he did not do. The defendant is 18 years old and comes from a small village near Beir Nabala.

Judge’s summation: 8-day remand extension.


Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Abu Nasser – ID 850057900

Defense: Judd Kadmani, Eyad Nabulsi

The investigator requests 15 additional days.

Abu Nasser was arrested on 25.12.15.


Question: Was there progress in the investigation?

Answer: There was.

Defense’s summation: We object to the remand request. The detainee cooperates with the investigators. He told them everything he knows. He also made a statement to the police. The requested extension will put pressure on him to admit to things he did not do.

Judge’s summation: 11 days remand extension.


Daan Muhammad Jamal Abd Al Kader – ID 85490353

Defense: Firas Sabah


During the hearing Justice Lieberman read the reports in the file and discovered that in the time allotted to the investigators not one minute was used to interrogate the detainee. Thus, the judge ordered 72 hours, until Thursday, by which time the case will go to the prosecution.


Muaman Mustafa Sirhan Mura – ID 85404469

Defense: Judd Kadamani, Eyad Nabulsi

The investigator requests 11-day extension.


Q: What are the charges?

A: Activity risking security in the region; throwing rocks.

Q: Did he make a statement to the police?

A: He did.

Q: Was the statement disproved?

A: It’s being checked.

Q: Were others involved?

A: It’s in the secret file.


Defense’s summation: The respondent (detainee) is kept under very harsh conditions. He is tired and the detention is intolerable for him. In view of the lack of progress, the defense requests that the judge put an end to the interrogation and hand over the file to the prosecution.

Judge’s summation: remand extension for 11 days.


Muhammad Haled Abd Al Rauf Hammad - ID 854015088

He is barred from seeing counsel.

Defense: Judd Kadamani, Eyad Nabulsi.

He has been in detention since 24.12.15

The investigator requests 15 additional days to complete the investigation.


Q: What are the charges?

A: It’s in the secret file.

Q: How many times was he interrogated?

A: 14.

Q: For long hours?

A: This is subjective: what is long? What is many? [the investigator looks in the file] 8 hours, sometimes longer.

Q: Was there an “interrogation of necessity” [torture]?

A: Not that I know of.

Q: Did he make a statement to the police?

A: Yes, at this stage he denies the allegations.


The defense objects to extending the investigation, which has taken long as it is.


We left the court whereupon the detainee was brought in.


We left the compound.