Ofer - Plea Bargain, Release on Bail

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Ofer Military Court  27.1.16  Morning

Observing and reporting: Nitza Aminov


A Great plea bargain, says Atty. Ahmad Safiya gleefully – just 3 months in jail and 10.000 shekel fine


Judge: Major Etty Adar

Prosecutor: Captain Ely Neuman

Defense: Atty. Ahmad Safiya


Defendant: Nada Ahmad Yusuf Zaker – ID 984625646

Nada Zaker, 54 years old, from Aida Refugee Camp is mother of four-  one son in jail. On her way to visit her imprisoned son she was stopped at Dahariya Checkpoint (the Occupation Authorities call it Meytar Checkpoint).

When searched, a 6.5 cm long knife was found in her bag, which she claims serves for clipping nails.

On 3.12.15 the court released her on 5000-shekel bail. The family paid promptly, but as usual, the prosecution appealed the decision and the appeal was accepted.

Today’s plea bargain includes 91 days in prison starting with the day of arrest, 4-month suspended sentence for 3 years and a 10,000-shekel fine (with 5000 deduction for the previous bail).

In the arguments for accepting the agreement her medical condition was cited – Nada takes 16 pills a day for her various ailments.


After attending the hearing of a minor (which I am not allowed to report), I decided to go to the Supreme Court to hear the appeal of the journalist Muhammd Al Qiq, who is on hunger strike protesting his administrative detention.

Reminder: Administrative detention requires only an administrative order, and is carried out without charges or trial.

Al Qiq has been on hunger strike for 60 now.

After a fiery speech by Atty Jawad Boulos protesting administrative detentions and describing his client’s condition, Justice Rubinstein stated what we all know: administrative detention is preventive detention.

In the end, the judges decided not to decide. They did not revoke the administrative detention, and ordered a daily update of the hunger striker’s condition.