Ofer - Women, Maltreatment

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The Young Woman in the Video


On 1.2.16 a video from Hebron circulated on social media. In it you see a young woman lying in a pool of blood and an armed soldier preventing others from getting near. A man is heard shouting, “She is my daughter” but the soldiers push him back. A disabled man in a wheelchair who tried to come close was thrown out of his wheelchair.


Today was the remand extension hearing of that young woman,

Judge: Lieut. Col. Eran Laufmann

Prosecutor: Lieut. Pasek Rostilov

Defense: Atty. Tarik Bargout



Yassmin Rashad Hajazi Zaro Tamimi, ID 854689940 - Case 2529/16


Yassmin’s parents – who had not seen her since her arrest – came to the hearing.

After lying on the ground bleeding for almost an hour, the soldiers took her in an army jeep to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. She had been shot in the hand, the leg and the stomach. A “hearing” was held at the hospital and there was a decision to remand her in custody. Three days later she was transferred to Sharon Prison. Another hearing regarding a remand extension was held at Ofer, in her absence. In the meantime she had to be sent to hospital again for surgery on her hand. The surgery was postponed because there was an infection. The surgery finally took place, but two more are scheduled, including one on her stomach.


During the hearing her head dropped many times because of the pain. Her hand and two fingers looked freshly bandaged.

Atty. Bargout explained that Yassmin lives in Zone C, in Hebron, and the incident occurred at Checkpoint 160 near the Cave of the Patriarchs, where the check-up is done by magnometer. When her bag beeped, she was asked to step aside, and then she took out a knife and threw it away. The soldier who shot her claimed that she crawled toward the knife, trying to reach it, but he, too, admits that he was three meters away from her. At that point she was shot four times.


The attorney presented all the video testimony and the judge agreed that perhaps the incident needs to be further examined, but he repeated that nothing can be done at this hearing since it is a remand hearing.

Atty. Bargout suggested several alternatives to detentions, but they were all rejected.

In his decision, the judge accepted the prosecution’s request for remand extension until the conclusion of the proceedings.

He added, “Much attention is given to the defendant’s physical condition, taking into consideration the reaction of security forces to the incident in which she was severely injured, and to the periodic need for medical tests and necessary treatments.”

Well, we shall see about that. Right now she is joining other injured female detaineesinfo-icon, both adults and minors, kept at Sharon Prison,

Arraignment hearing was set for 20.3.16.


Atty. Abir Mrar represented the detainee

Inas Elias Muhammad Jabari, ID 4023261318 - Case 2382/16

This is a remand extension hearing. Inas has been in detention for a week.

She claims that she went to work, forgetting that there was a knife in her bag. She stopped to pray at Mosque Al-Ibrahimi (The Cave of the Patriarchs) and during a search, the knife was found. She had no intention of doing anything with that knife.

The judge decided on a remand extension but recommended to close the case because Inas has no criminal record and there was no incident. “The court recommends both sides close the case, which is not complicated, so that no decision will be required.”

Atty. Mrar reported trying to negotiate with the prosecution. Thus, the defendant will remain in custody until 8.3.16.


I left at 5:30, thinking about Yassmin, who is only 20 but looks like a 15 year old, so pale and skinny. She was brought to court from prison before dawn, waited for hours before her hearing, saw her parents for the first time since she was shot, and who knows when she will return to her prison cell, where only the other detainees will help her.

I cannot get this image out my mind.