'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 14.11.07, Morning

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Nettie A., Inbal R. (reporting)

Observers:  Nettie A., Inbal R. (reporting)



The access roads to road 55, which have been closed recently, are now open.

Traffic in the area is very sparse.

We were asked to help a couple, residents of Farun, who wish to leave Gaza for the West Bank.


Border crossing near Qalqilya  06:50-07:10

 There's a queue, not long, of laborers waiting to be inspected at the entrance to Israel.

Border Patrol post at the exit from Qalqilya to the territories – there's no queue, either of cars or pedestrians.



Western (old) entrance – the road isn't blocked.

Azun, main entrance (the roundabout above the tunnel) – ditto – not blocked.

Between Haja and Funduk – according to the taxi drivers in Funduk, the road is open.


Anabta 09:23 

The checkpoint is devoid of Palestinians.  There are soldiers there, and "green" women, but no traffic.

Jubara  09:27

5 laborers are returning from Israel with no permits (they are illegals).  They pass inspection and are released.


Ar-Ras  09:55 

No traffic.


A request we received:

A widower from Gaza married a resident of the territories and moved to live with her in Farun.  His two sons by his first wife (the youngest is 17) are registered in their ID cards as Farun residents, but they are currently residing in Gaza.  

The father would like to bring his sons over to Farun.  He asked for help; we said we know nothing about such matters but will pass the request on.

Whoever can advise the father, or refer him to the proper channels, should call Khaider, 0522812925 (he speaks Hebrew) or Inbal (0528734751).